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Why Are Journalists Key to Content Marketing Success?


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If you want your content to really stand out, hiring journalists is a must. Of course

Why Are Journalists Key to Content Marketing Success? image journalists key content marketing success

being a journalist myself, I am slightly biased – but there really are a number of reasons why journalists make the best content marketers.

We’re well-trained…

Journalists are trained to write useful, relevant and concise content. They live and breathe the stuff, so they’re always keen to produce content that will pull in an audience. This is very handy for businesses that wish to promote their brand, because well-written, unique content will keep users coming back to your website time and time again – driving that all important traffic and increasing brand awareness.

Original content doesn’t just appear out of thin air though; writers need to know how to gather all the facts and then present them in a totally new way that’s relevant to your audience. Journalists have been trained to do just that and are able to write content that engages people, rather than boring them.

…and experienced

The great thing about journalists is that they come from all sorts of backgrounds. This is extremely useful when creating great content, because having a team of journalists means that each one will likely be an expert in a different field. Not only that, but the majority will have written about a wide variety of subjects. They’re adaptable and so no matter what your content marketing campaign needs, they’ll be able to write it well and sound like an expert whilst they’re doing it.

Quality is key

Content marketers should be well aware by now that Google loves content that is of real value – even more so with the recent Hummingbird update. So in order for your brand to rank highly in the SERPs, your site needs to be full of fantastic content that isn’t just filler or copied and pasted from somewhere else on the internet. Journalists are great at taking a story and turning into something completely new and original, by finding the right angle for their audience.

It’s not just Google that will be able to figure out if your content is poor quality – your audience will immediately be able to tell the difference between a truthful, factual news story and pure PR fluff. No-one just wants to read self-promotional content; they want to read whatever is useful to them specifically and journalists are great at identifying the key interests of their target audience.

There is a good reason why more and more companies are hiring journalists to write their content – they’re the best at it. Not only will you find your content is better, but that the added support will help you create even more of it, which will in turn help boost traffic. Content is extremely important to any marketing campaign, so don’t rely on a novice to deliver it – hire the experts.