Content Marketing Industry News: Shoppable Videos, Tommy Hilfiger’s Chatbot, Google’s Mobile Survey

Industry News: Shoppable Videos, Tommy Hilfiger’s Chatbot, Google’s Mobile Survey

by Heather EngSeptember 17, 2016

NewsCred’s roundup of the content marketing, technology, and business stories that caught our eye this week.


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Google’s AMP Viewer: The Tinder UX For Content? (MarketingLand)

Google is debuting Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) on search results pages. Instead of clicking from a search results page to another webpage, which might load slowly or not offer relevant information, Google’s AMP viewer allows users to swipe through multiple results from different publishers, without leaving the original search page. The company will link to the AMP version of a web page any time a valid AMP is available. This framework will offer a new type of user experience and dramatically increase AMP traffic overall.

4 Fashion Brands That Are Getting Creative With Shoppable Video (Digiday)

Fashion retailers are using interactive videos to drive purchases. Ted Baker, for example, recently launched a three-minute shoppable film on its website, with Selfridges and Nordstrom. While watching, viewers can click a “plus” icon to save various pieces of clothing worn by characters. Those items are then displayed on the page below the video, where users can opt to purchase them. Diesel, Matches Fashion, and Burberry are also experimenting with the format.


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Tommy Hilfiger Boosted Its Fashion Week Strategy With A Chatbot (Glossy)

Tommy Hilfiger is looking to push sales of its Tommy x Gigi collection by utilizing Facebook Messenger’s first “fashion bot” to provide a guided shopping experience through the new collection using artificial intelligence. To use the chatbot, users can click the “message” button on Tommy Hilfiger’s Facebook page, or scan a QR code on mobile. The bot provides information about the collection and asks prompts to narrow down what the consumer is looking for. Users can also ask the bot questions as the Tommy Hilfiger team programmed it with 7,000 responses.

What Google Learned From The Digital Diaries Of 1,000 Mobile Users (AdWeek)

To better understand how people use smartphones, Google surveyed 1,000 users several times a day for one week. With more than 14,000 results received, Google now has a trove of data detailing how consumers seek information, purchase, and watch video on mobile. One example: 92% of respondents who did research on their phone made a purchase within a day and 76% of those searching for something nearby visited a related business within a day.

Jack Dorsey On The New Twitter: “We’re Not A Social Network As People Think About It” (Fast Company)

In an edited transcript, Twitter’s CEO, Jeff Dorsey highlights Twitter’s focus to make it the best place to follow live news and events, including NFL games and other sports playing right inside the app. The company hopes to shift the current widespread perception of Twitter being a social network that will forever lag behind Facebook.

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