[Webinar] Licensed Content: An Easy Win for Your Content Strategy

[Webinar] Licensed Content: An Easy Win for Your Content Strategy

by NewsCred

1 minute read

With the consistent need to publish new, valuable content, it can be difficult for content marketers to keep up with the demand. Limited time, budget, and resources are common roadblocks that stand in the way of a robust (and high-quality) editorial calendar. That’s where licensed content comes in.

Join John De Guzman, The General Manager of NewsCred’s Marketplace, for a webinar on how licensed content can boost your content strategy. Watch now:

You’ll learn:

  • The value of licensed content and examples of how our customers use it to achieve their business goals

  • How to successfully incorporate licensed content into your content strategy

  • How licensed content fits in with the broader marketing organization and its initiatives

Not sure if licensed content would be beneficial for your program? Take our quiz to determine how it can help you to achieve your content strategy’s goals.