4 Keys to Better Campaign Planning & Execution

[Webinar] 4 Keys to Better Campaign Planning & Execution: The Why, What, & How to Ensure Marketing Success

by NewsCred

1 minute read

Organizational misalignment, operational inefficiencies, and a lack of demonstrable outcomes…

For most organizations, the complexities of planning, building, and executing integrated campaigns at scale can introduce a variety of challenges. But having the right frameworks — and the right technology — can equip marketing teams with the visibility and control necessary to accelerate time-to-market and ensure campaign success.  

In this webinar, NewsCred CEO & Co-Founder Shafqat Islam is joined by guest speaker Jeff Clark, Forrester Principal Analyst, Marketing Operations. You’ll learn:

  • New key research findings on the top challenges facing marketers in 2020
  • Forrester SiriusDecisions’ proven framework for campaign planning & implementation
  • The role software can play in executing successful marketing strategies