[Webinar] Best Practices for the Modern Marketing Org

[Webinar] Best Practices for the Modern Marketing Org

by NewsCred

1 minute read

It’s time for today’s marketing organizations to make a choice: continue delivering siloed, one-off campaigns with fragmented messaging, ultimately falling below the standard to which consumers now hold them, or adopt integrated, omnichannel campaigns that include a series of unified touchpoints, leading consumers through the ever-complicated customer journey.

The obvious choice is to start implementing integrated campaigns. And you may think that your marketing organization already is — but are they just multichannel campaigns or are they truly integrated? Watch now to hear from our VP, Strategy + Creative Services, Lieu Pham, and our Director of Product Marketing, Anthony Aiosa, on best practices for planning, architecting, and executing integrated campaigns.

You’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of:

  • Why brands should be investing in integrated campaigns
  • What makes a campaign truly integrated
  • NewsCred’s approach to integrated campaigns from planning to execution

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