[Webinar] 10 Core Requirements for an Enterprise CMP in 2019
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[Webinar] 10 Core Requirements for an Enterprise CMP in 2019

by NewsCred

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We’re predicting that in 2019, the once-siloed content marketing function will integrate with the rest of the marketing organization to create collaborative, cross-functional teams that deliver great content experiences — with a content marketing platform (CMP) being the glue that holds each function together. But what CMP functionality will be key to building more integrated, collaborative marketing teams?

Find out in our webinar on the 10 Core Requirements for an Enterprise CMP in 2019:

Webinar synopsis: We cover the core features of a CMP, how this technology can support your marketing organization well beyond article content creation and publication, what questions to ask about integrations and analytics to deliver a personalized experience, and the capabilities we think will be key to building more successful (and more integrated) marketing teams.