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Trouble in Aisle 5: Millennials, Moms, and New Shopping Behaviors


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Millennials represent about 25 percent of grocery shoppers in the U.S. today, and as the next wave of grocery consumers, there’s much to be gleaned from their habits.

Ly Tran, Proof Advertising’s director of digital strategy and Matt Smith, Cargill’s vice president of marketing and innovation, made the case on Tuesday at Ad Age’s 2014 Digital Conference, that gaining this generation of Moms’ attention isn’t as difficult as you may think when the strategy is right.

Young, educated moms in their twenties are truly digital natives – a demographic also known for a fear of missing out, or “FOMO.” With this knowledge, Tran and Smith leveraged the demo’s constant connection to social media and mobile when tasked with garnering the attention of millennial moms for turkey.

The solution, a national “Turkify” brand campaign promoting six varieties of burgers from the Honeysuckle White and Shady Brook Farms product lines.

Breaking with conventional food advertising, Cargill used vibrant, bold colors, eye-popping food imagery, and relatable personalities to woo millennial shoppers. They also offered online coupons and will begin in-store promotions in May.

By focusing on taste, ease, and health, the brains behind the Turkify campaign were able to draw attention to their brand message: turkey goes well with everything.

Here’s what makes the Turkify campaign so special:

1. Audience Interaction: With Turkify, there’s no need for “fancy” recipes or ingredients. The Turkify team particularly wanted to make their target demographic feel as if they weren’t being “sold to” – inspiring the audience is more important. They’ve done this by making the entire campaign interactive — using the hashtag #turkify on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest and aggregating consumer images in a photo stream on

2. Geo-Location Technology: To make the experience personalized and direct, rich media banner ads will follow the target customer across devices to keep the product top of mind. Food Network ads will also run beginning in May.

3. New “Product Lines”: Turkey is a product most people think about around Thanksgiving. To expand the product’s shelf-life beyond the holiday, the team sought to “Turkify the world.” To accomplish this, they created six different burger flavors to appeal to multiple taste buds, and leveraged visual social platforms like Pinterest and Facebook to reinvent the traditional holiday experience.

By reaching out to their audience from all angles – via online content, in-store promotions, and ads – Cargill has teed up a truly interactive campaign that hones in on what their target audience – millennial moms – really want: plenty of variety and a marketing campaign complete with honest messaging and a heart-healthy product at its core.

By Amanda Fayer, NewsCred Contributor