#ThinkContent Summit 2016 Session Videos
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#ThinkContent Summit 2016 Session Videos

On June 2, 2016 we hosted our fourth annual #ThinkContent Summit, bringing together over 1,000 marketers from Fortune 500 brands to discuss our theme of "Convergence: The New Marketing Imperative." Here are the videos from each of the #ThinkContent sessions, in order of the agenda.

Webinar by NewsCredJune 15, 2016

10 Presentations / 6 Hours

#ThinkContent Summit 2016 

Tribeca Film Festival + NewsCred: Disruptive Innovation – Breaking Into New Channels and Audiences with Compelling Content

Fireside chat featuring:

  • Craig Hatkoff, Co-founder, Tribeca Film Festival
  • Shafqat Islam, Co-founder and CEO, NewsCred

In a world where cross-channel content production is just taking off, the Tribeca Film Festival recognized this opportunity in 2002 to really highlight the power of storytelling through film. Now, 14 successful years later, the festival is also exploring successes in branded content and content marketing as well as recognizing industry pioneers through their Disruptive Innovation Awards.

Disruptive Innovation: Breaking into new channels and audiences with compelling content by NewsCred


B2C Panel: How We Innovate – Challenging the Status Quo to Disrupt Industries and Ways of Working

Panel discussion featuring:

  • Eric Toda, Airbnb
  • Lauren Drell, Sweetgreen
  • Mikaela Flynn, Uber
  • Greg Fitzgerald, Blue Apron
  • Marty Swank, Adweek [Moderator]

The best brands and companies are those who are constantly evolving, innovating and disrupting the status quo. Being able to act in a nimble manner and react with agility and creativity is what has set these brands apart. We’ll learn from these leaders who are not only disrupting their industries, but also disrupting communication channels in the way that they communicate with their audiences via compelling and relevant content.


Pricenomics: Backed with Data – How We Can Use Data to Create Compelling Content 

Keynote featuring Rohin Dhar, Founder and CEO, Priceonomics

Great content marketing is often equated to great storytelling. But often times, the best content is backed by strong data. In this session, we’ll explore how you can use data to move your content from good to great and how data can propel content to spread across channels.



NewsCred: The Future of Content Marketing

Keynote featuring Shafqat Islam, Co-founder and CEO, NewsCred


NewsCred: Content Marketing Enlightenment – Finding Success with Content

Keynote featuring Alex Cheeseman, Head of Global Marketing Solutions, NewsCred

If content marketing truly is the fastest growing trend in digital, why are we failing to see meaningful budgets being allocated? What can marketers do to ensure success? This session will walk marketers through the playbook on how to be the best content marketer possible.  


Content Marketing Enlightenment: Finding Success with Content by NewsCred


The New York Times: Church, State, and the Future of VR – How the New York Times is Advancing Virtual Reality for Readers and Advertisers

Keynote featuring Adam Aston, The New York Times

In this session, we will hear – and see – how a legacy news brand has embraced a nascent technology and delivered a growing mix of experiences to readers, advertisers, and spurred the growth of VR in the process.



Google: Innovation Applied to B2B Content Marketing 

Keynote featuring Veronique Lafargue, Google

When it comes to storytelling, even the best analytics can’t always divulge what will appeal to a customer’s emotional journey. For that, we need human insight – and a great system. Discover the journey of creating B2B content for Google Apps for Work, leveraging Google 3-part recipe for innovation.


Innovation Applied to B2B Content Marketing by NewsCred


B2B Panel: How We Communicate – Using Content to Effectively Reach a B2B Audience 

Panel discussion featuring:

  • Brian Becker, JPMorgan Chase
  • Camille Ricketts, First Round Capital 
  • Cameron Potts, Deluxe 
  • Bill Morrison, Emerson




Samantha Jayne: Reaching a New Generation – How to Effectively Use Content to Capture the Attention of Millennials, From a Millennial

Keynote featuring Samantha Jayne, actress, author, and comedian

Marketers have been trying to figure out the secret to connecting with Millennials for years now. Hearing from a millennial who figured out not only how to reach her generation, but how to use multiple channels and formats to capture their attention. With over 10 million video views of “Mom Talk” and 100K followers on Instagram, Samantha will show us how to use humor, wit and comedy to engage.



Unilever: Case Study – How Unilever Has Mastered the Art of Storytelling to Capture our Hearts and Brand Loyalty

Keynote featuring Rob Candelino, Unilever

Few brands have successfully leveraged the potential of content marketing to reach their audience. For a legacy CPG brand, like Dove, to have done this consistently over the years, has raised the bar for all marketers across industries and markets. We’ll hear how Dove has used content to reach a new audience, increase brand awareness and shift perceptions – including their most recent brand campaign.






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