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The 2015 #ThinkContent Marketing Summit was the third of its kind and bigger and more spectacular than ever before. Relive the day or take it all in for the first time with full video from the event as well as presentation slides from our speakers. These experienced content marketers and executives offer a glimpse into the future of content marketing and real takeaways for brand storytelling success.

Video by NewsCredJuly 20, 2016

11 Videos / 3 Hours

#ThinkContent 2015: Welcome + Opening Remarks

 #ThinkContent Presenter: Michael Brenner, Head of Strategy, NewsCred

Buzzfeed: Where We Have Been + Where We Are Going

 #ThinkContent Presenter: Ze Frank, President, Buzzfeed Motion Pictures, Buzzfeed 

Xerox: How Brands Acting With Publishers Evolve Brand Perception

 Presenter:  Barbara Basney, VP Global Advertising + Media, Xerox

MasterCard: Setting a Creative Standard in a Regulated Environment

Presenter: Jill Cress, Group Head + SVP, Global Consumer Marketing, MasterCard

Fireside Chat: The Customer Experience

Presenters: Shafqat Islam, CEO + Co-founder, NewsCred and Ben Edwards, VP Innovation + Platforms, IBM

Droga5: How Creativity is Redefined to Foster Engagement

Presenter: Andrew Essex, Vice Chairman, Droga5

Chobani: Brands Are Entering New Spaces With Relevant Messages

Presenter: Peter McGuinness, Chief Marketing + Brand Director, Chobani 


Measuring Success to Prove Value of Content Marketing

Presenters: Tomas Kellner, Managing Editor, General Electric and Luke Kintigh, Global Content + Media Strategist, Intel

Virgin Hotels: Redefining Storytelling to Build a Global Brand

Presenter: Doug Carrillo, VP Marketing + Sales, Virgin Hotels

Smirnoff: Breaking Sameness

Presenter: Matt Bruhn, Global Brand Director, Smirnoff 

#ThinkContent 2015: Conclusions + Summary of the Day

Presenter: Shafqat Islam, CEO + Co-founder, NewsCred




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