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Watch Now: #ThinkContent London 2016 Presentations

In November, 300 enterprise marketers and 11 expert speakers gathered in central London for our international #ThinkContent event. In these videos you'll find tactical knowledge and inspiration on selling content internally, using content as a recruiting tool, mastering a cross-regional strategy, connecting with millennials, and much, much more.

Video by Marcus StollDecember 6, 2016

10 Videos / 5 Hours

The Future of Media and the Impact on Content

Tom Goodwin, EVP & Head of Innovation at Zenith, highlights where media and consumption is heading and how that will influence the way that content is created and consumed for years to come.



Going Global: Mastering a Cross-Regional Content Marketing Strategy

Giuseppe Caltabiano, VP of Marketing Integration at Schneider Electric, talks about how to launch an effective content marketing program using the hub and spoke model: a centralised team creating the general guiding principles and local boards and teams to modify and customise that content for a particular region.



Selling Content Internally: Achieving Executive Buy-in

Gill Worby, Head of Digital Marketing at Virgin Media, explains how Virgin Media tackles their challenges of implementing content marketing, achieving executive buy-in, and tracking ROI.



Fireside Chat: Managing Content at The British Library

Graham MacFadyen, Head of Digital and Marketing Operations at The British Library, and Shafqat Islam, CEO and Co-founder at NewsCred, discuss content management, strategy, and distribution best practices on a small budget with big impact. Learn how you can apply learnings from one of the most beloved UK institutions to your team.



The Quest for the Holy Grail of Content

Alex Cheeseman, Global Head of Strategy at NewsCred, discusses the elusive ‘holy grail’ of content and how you can define it and find it for your business.



Hussain’s House: Using Content to Connect with Millennials

Hussain Manawer, YouTuber/poet/mental health spokesman/future astronaut, talks about how brands can better create and use content to connect with the most powerful generation of all time: millennials.



Using New Approaches to Content to Steward a Brand that Never Stands Still

Jo Moore, Worldwide Executive Brand Director at Lenovo, shares Lenovo’s learnings from their recent rebranding efforts that led to Lenovo being named one of the top worldwide brands and ushering in a new era of creativity.



How to Build an Owned Media Empire with EPIC Content Marketing

Jason Miller, Global Content Marketing Lead at LinkedIn, shares his best practices from working with the world’s largest brands across LinkedIn’s platform.