[WEBINAR] The Integrated Marketing Organization: Are You Ready?

[WEBINAR] The Integrated Marketing Organization: Are You Ready?

by Jesse Feldman

1 minute read

We’re calling it: 2019 will be the year of integrated marketing — possible more than ever with technology — and operational efficiency will become part of the executive mandate. Brands need to deliver a powerful, unified customer experience, and that starts by rethinking how marketing teams work together.

The goal of integrated marketing is to increase operational efficiency and drive performance by unifying marketing teams; if you’re really serious about integrated marketing, you need to shift your organization from a culture of competition to a culture of collaboration.  

To help you get started, NewsCred’s head of strategy and creative services, Lieu Pham, designed this free webinar on building a more effective marketing organization. She discusses the key integrated marketing priorities for enterprise organizations and give you the tools to assess your own teams.

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Webinar summary:
We’ll cover why you need to adopt an integrated marketing model, how to assess your current operation, and exactly what you need to know to get started building.