The Best (And Most Beautiful) B2B Instagram Examples

The Best (And Most Beautiful) B2B Instagram Examples

by Liz Bedor

4 minute read

B2B Instagram accounts tend to have a bad reputation. They usually feature a lot of employee group shots, maybe some at industry conferences, or even office images if they’re lucky enough to have a sleek design. Unfortunately, many of these accounts are not very exciting. The surprising thing is, however, that many of these brands have great content marketing hubs. So why the disconnect? Perhaps the reason for this has to do with the fact that they may be using the channel for a different business case, something like recruiting. In reality, any social channel, whether it be Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest, should be viewed as an extension of and a distribution channel for your content marketing program. Some of the content may be created specifically for that channel, but the tone, messaging, and overall look and feel should remain consistent.

Here are my favorite examples of B2B brands who get it right when it comes to using Instagram as an extension of their content marketing.

Office Depot

Office Depot had a huge year with their re-branding and “Gear Up For Great” campaigns. The new direction has rejuvenated the brand and their Instagram gallery makes this change clear. The vibrant account features office supplies in fun, unique and creative ways. They play up the holidays and tap into seasonal sales trends, such as back to school, which keeps the brand relevant while staying true to its business.

Check out the Office Depot Instagram account here.

Office depot best B2B instagram account


Boasting 124k followers, the Adobe Instagram is pretty spectacular. The account taps into its creative network, sharing images from photographers, designers and artists. This is an excellent strategy by Adobe, as not only do they feature an impressive, branded photo gallery, but they also provide an additional value by positioning themselves as an art discovery tool.

Check out the Adobe Instagram account here.

Adobe best B2B instagram account



I was a little hesitant to include MailChimp on this list since it appears in every other list, but it’s just too good to pass up. It’s clear that every single photo has been carefully thought out and the quality standard is high. Photos that spotlight company employees are taken to the next level to make them more interesting than your typical headshot. Posts that are used to promote product releases or company announcements are still done with a designer touch. Most importantly, they feature kittens in hats and cakes. If that doesn’t show they truly know their audience, I don’t know what does.

Check out the MailChimp Instagram account here.

MailChimp best B2B instagram account


If you want to talk about brand consistency, Squarespace is where it’s at. The brand’s tagline is, “The simplest way to create a beautiful landing page, website, or online store.” That tagline is everything its Instagram represents. The account features amazing photos from its customers in all industries and use cases. Not only is this amazing customer marketing, but also showcases the range for which the Squarespace product can be used. Photos also showcase different templates and layouts available to continue to inspire and engage prospects as well.

Check out the Squarespace Instagram account here.

Squarespace best B2B instagram account


Deluxe Small Business Revolution 

wrote about Deluxe Small Business Revolution content marketing program recently and they continue to be one of my favorite examples. The photo essay and documentary content marketing program tells stories of small businesses across America. The photo essays and films are spectacularly done and the experience extends seamlessly to the Instagram account. Every image and video clip shows just enough of the story to spark curiosity for the viewer and draw them back to the main site a

Check out the Small Business Revolution Instagram account here.

Deluxe small business revolution best B2B instagram account



At NewsCred, we love employee takeovers, and give the keys to our Instagram account to a different employee each week. We follow a set of simple guidelines for Instagram to ensure our voice and personality shine through with every post:

  • Focus on brightness, contrast, and colors. Colors that do well on Instagram are blues, greens, and reds.
  • Tone of voice: tell the story behind your photos. Keep it personal. Give followers a dynamic behind-the-scenes look at your company from your perspective.
  • Share your Instagram posts on your other social channels and encourage them to engage.
  • Don’t post anything your mom (or CEO) would be uncomfortable with. Just use your discretion and don’t share content that would put your company in a negative light.
  • Don’t post anything about our clients without their permission. You are likely not allowed to discuss certain clients legally, so always err on the side of caution.
  • Tag people whenever applicable. Tagging brings more attention to our page and thus, more engagement and followers. For example, if your coworker or friend happens to be in a photo, go ahead and tag them. And don’t forget a geolocation!
  • Use the NewsCred Content Marketing Cloud to upload, edit, and share images.

Check out the NewsCred Instagram account here — and follow us!


NewsCred best B2B instagram account