Some Big Changes at NewsCred

Some Big Changes at NewsCred

by Shafqat Islam

3 minute read

Today we have a lot of big news to announce and I wanted to personally share some of my thoughts with our team, our customers, and the marketing community at large.

LinkedIn recently reminded me that we started this amazing entrepreneurial journey 10 years ago. Since then, we’ve had some amazing people help us build NewsCred into the significant company it is today. We’re thriving because of the contributions of everyone, past and present.

During the past twelve months, one of the main areas of focus for me was to build a next-generation executive team to propel NewsCred to the next level. I’m excited to announce that with the recent hiring of Charles Hough as our President and COO, our executive team is now complete. (See today’s press release on the news.) We have a deep (read: badass) bench of executives with tons of experience operating businesses at $100M+ scale, and deep knowledge of marketing technology.

Charles comes to us from VTS/Hightower, where he was the COO and helped execute the merger of those two significant SaaS companies. Prior, he was the COO at Lithium, a leader in the social marketing space. He has deep experience in marketing, advertising, and content management – the latter as VP Product at Interwoven. He’s been through two IPOs and 20+ M&A deals. Most importantly, he is a perfect complement to me and NewsCred’s culture and values. We couldn’t be luckier to have Charles, a high-growth operations executive, here to help us execute on our strategic plan to become an enduring, profitable company and the long-term leader in enterprise content marketing.

Speaking of strategy, we’re also starting to roll out some of our major, new initiatives. We believe that NewsCred, at its core, has two uniquely differentiated strengths:

  1. Our expertise: We know content marketing better than anyone in the world. And our company is filled with content marketing experts who have years of experience helping CMOs understand how to make content a strategic asset within their organizations.
  2. Our analytics and insights-focused product vision: We have the best product in our category, and we are uniquely differentiated by our capabilities in content analytics, recommendations, actionable insights, and proving attribution/ROI.

We are going to be doubling down on our core, and investing heavily in these two areas. Today, we’re announcing the launch of our Content Marketing Advisory Services (CMAS) team. This team is made up of the world’s foremost experts in the field of content marketing, with domain expertise in a variety of technical areas like analytics, SEO, demand generation, web content management, and global/local organization.

We plan on hiring dozens of CMAS experts during the course of this year. If you are a content marketing expert with hands-on knowledge and experience, contact us today!

With regards to our second core strength, look out for some of our big announcements about our product and how actionable insights will help transform marketers’ lives at #ThinkContent on May 10th.

Finally, in order for us to double down on our strategy and invest in our strengths, we had to focus our efforts. And that means reducing or eliminating some roles. We have 30+ open positions in our core areas of growth, but in order to do that responsibly and profitably, we had to say goodbye to some of our colleagues in other departments (teams or roles that were unfortunately not part of our long-term strategic plans). Ultimately as a CEO, I am fully responsible and accountable for these sorts of difficult decisions.

I can’t thank everyone enough – NewsCredders past and present have shaped this company and allowed us to become a category-creating and category-defining company. I couldn’t be more thankful and more proud of all of you. I have also never been more confident and excited about our future, and the future of marketing.


Shafqat Islam is NewsCred’s CEO and Co-founder.