[NOMINATE NOW] NewsCred ThinkContent Awards 2018
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[NOMINATE NOW] NewsCred ThinkContent Awards 2018

by NewsCredNovember 21, 2017

The content marketing field is rapidly evolving, and brands continue to innovate with evermore exciting work. 

That’s why, earlier this year, NewsCred launched the inaugural ThinkContent Awards. We honored the 50 best brands “that make us stop and rethink what we’re doing and inspire us to push the boundaries with our own content marketing.”

Now, with 2017 coming to a close, we’re searching for the new set of brands that are winning at content marketing right now. Best-in-class writing and visuals, ambitious initiatives (often driven by the latest technology), and a measurable, meaningful, positive impact on their businesses – these brands have it all.

They will be the ones we honor with our ThinkContent Awards 2018.

If you know of such a brand, or if you work for one, we want to know!

UPDATE: Nominations for the 2018 awards are now closed. Stay tuned to NewsCred Insights for the winner announcements in January 2018.

All nominations are anonymous. There is no limit to the number of nominations you submit. Brands who received a ThinkContent Award 2017 are eligible to receive the award again but will be judged by their current work against this year’s criteria.