NewsCred's 5 Values, in Detail

NewsCred’s 5 Values, in Detail

by Shafqat Islam

3 minute read

NewsCred is a company built upon values.

When my co-founders and I established NewsCred nearly 10 years ago, we developed a set of values that would guide every decision we made. We believed that we were not just launching a company that would build a great product; we were also crafting a future we wanted to experience. Our goal was to create a company that people would be proud to work at, with a culture that made them excited to come to work every day.

That vision is still true today. Though NewsCred has gone through many iterations, values have always remained at the heart of the company. They’re what set us apart as a company. Our values help customers, prospects, and current and future employees know who we are and how we’re different. Our values guide us in day-to-day decision-making. They influence who we hire and promote. And they help us maintain internal unity.

A few months ago, we rolled out a new set of values for NewsCred. At the time, we had just launched our new strategy and felt that it was time to refresh and reiterate what we stand for. NewsCred employees nominated, voted on, and helped write these values. 

Trust over everything.

Trust is the foundation of all our values. And as such, we value it over everything. We believe that trust is earned; we first have to give trust before receiving it. We assume noble intent in all situations. That means that even if we disagree with someone, we believe that they are coming from a place of goodness. 

Teamwork over brilliance.

We love working in teams and get more satisfaction out of winning together than we do from individual success. We believe that being tightly-knit is part of the foundation of great teamwork, so we make time to get to know our teammates, not just as colleagues, but as people. We embrace the diversity of our team members and know that the more varied our backgrounds and experiences, the stronger we are as a whole.

Compassion over being right.

We lead compassionately. We know that sometimes it’s better to be kind than right. We have strong opinions, weakly held. We treat people with respect, independent of whether we agree or disagree with their opinions or views. We give radically candid feedback because that’s the compassionate way to help teammates succeed. We are actively inclusive and go out of our way to keep people from feeling excluded or marginalized.

Grit over stability.

We exhibit perseverance and tenacity when faced with challenges. We proactively offer ideas and solutions that inspire our teammates and move the company forward. We encourage and lead colleagues when times are tough. 

Customer obsession over process.

We exist because of our customers. We make decisions that are in the best interests of our customers, always, even if that means breaking process or challenging the status quo. We don’t take “no” for an answer if it helps our customers. We obsess about our customers’ business results and ROI.


In moving forward with this new set of values, we want to ensure that they truly guide everything we do at NewsCred. Though everyone at NewsCred is responsible for living our values, we also created a “Values Committee,” comprised of those of us who most embody these values. The committee serves as a bridge between employees and management. It’s a vehicle to get us organized and hold each other accountable. Members identify and propose solutions for correcting misalignments, and celebrate employees who exemplify our values. 

Together, we’re ensuring that all employees live the NewsCred values, each and every day.


Shafqat Islam is NewsCred’s CEO and Co-founder.