Fun and Relaxation: NewsCred's Activity Book for Kids & Adults

Fun and Relaxation: NewsCred’s Activity Book for Kids & Adults

by NewsCred

2 minute read


It’s no secret that we’re in unprecedented times. Mandatory remote working has become the new normal for most people, kids are out of school indefinitely, and everyday errands such as grocery shopping have now become a risky task. We know that many people are experiencing increased stress being pent up indoors with a future shrouded by uncertainty, all the while having to entertain their children who are now required to stay home for their own safety.

And while some people are seeing this period as coveted downtime that they wouldn’t otherwise allow themselves to enjoy, others may be itching to stay productive and keep their minds (and their kids) busy. That’s why our team at NewsCred wanted to provide our readers and their families with an activity book — complete with coloring pages, sudoku, crossword puzzles, and word searches.

We’re all familiar with the activity books that are created for children, but adults can benefit from them as well. Whether you’re taking a break between Zoom meetings or need to step back and de-stress, coloring has the ability to relax the brain, according to psychologists. It can also help to get your creative juices flowing, which is important during this time when marketers need to shift to alternative ways to interact with their audiences. Not to mention the boost to memory, attention, and reasoning that word and number puzzles are known to provide.

So whether you’re trying to entertain your kids, need a break from watching TikTok videos, or need something to divert your mind from the current situation, we hope that you can find solace (and fun!) in NewsCred’s Activity Book for Kids & Adults. From the entire NewsCred team, we wish you and your families health and safety, and would love for you to share your coloring page masterpieces with us on Twitter by mentioning us @NewsCred!