Q+A. How Can I Maximize My Lean Content Marketing Budget + Team?

Q+A. How Can I Maximize My Lean Content Marketing Budget + Team?

by Heather Eng

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Q. I have a lean content marketing team and budget. What content marketing tactics can I use to maximize my resources?

A. That’s a good question and one I relate to. At NewCred, we’re also a small, lean marketing team with limited resources. We simply don’t have the means to produce wildly ambitious content marketing efforts on the scale of feature films or international stunts.

That said, we are huge advocates of big rock content because we’ve seen how powerful it can be. I know it sounds counterintuitive – if you have a tiny team and limited dollars, how can you pull off a major piece of content?

But big rock content can become the center of an integrated marketing campaign – which can align your entire marketing team around a common goal, with everyone contributing their skills, talents, expertise, and even budgets. The topic should be one that’s core to your brand and one around which you want to build authority.

Your big rock will feed your social media, email, and other digital channels. You can tie it in into a webinar or an event. And once your big rock piece is live, you can carve it up into countless other assets to fuel your channels for many months afterward.

The hardest part is committing to the big rock, because it will require substantial time, budget, and resources. But you can make a business case, aligned to key goals and KPIs, about how it’ll help your company achieve top business results.

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Heather Eng is NewsCred’s Executive Editor. She oversees NewsCred’s content marketing, from editorial and content creation to distribution and optimization and measurement.