Licensed Content Resource Guide

Licensed Content Resource Guide

by NewsCred

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Implementing licensed content in your content strategy makes it easy to publish high-quality pieces in a steady cadence, helping marketing teams to boost their output regardless of budget, resource, and time restrictions. Whether you’re trying to build a best-in-class content hub, increase eCommerce sales, or improve your sales enablement program, licensed content can help.

We’ve compiled a list of resources below to show the value of licensed content for different areas of the marketing organization.


Learn how to use licensed content to improve various sections of your marketing strategy with these guides:

Overview of NewsCred’s Marketplace of Licensed Content

Content Licensing: The Ultimate Guide

Use Licensed Content to Scale and Launch a Content Hub

Drive eCommerce Sales with Licensed Content

Power Email Marketing with Licensed Content 

How Licensed Content Improves Sales Enablement

Boost Organic Traffic with Licensed Content

Build Thought Leadership with Licensed Content

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The Definitive Guide of Licensed Content

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