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Is Your Brand Ready to Live Tweet? 5 Tips For #Success

by Lauren B. Mangiaforte

3 minute read

In the last 30 days, the #WorldCup hashtag has been used 373k times, and the #USMNT (US Men’s National Team) hashtag has been used 138k times. Events like a big World Cup match, the Oscars, or the season finale of a ridiculously cult-followed show like Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones give brands a big opportunity to connect with their audiences in meaningful and sometimes unexpectedly delightful ways. How? Through live tweeting.

Lots of brands shy away from live tweeting because they’re afraid of real-time marketing, often to their detriment. This is especially true when social media marketing teams aren’t in-house; many companies have a hard time handing the hypothetical car keys to their agency social media managers. While it’s good to have control most of the time, a little bit of trust in your external or internal social team can lead to huge gains in brand perception and audience interaction (see: the famous/infamous ‘Dunk in the Dark’ tweet). Live tweeting can lead to booming follower numbers and high engagement but you also don’t want current users or those not following along to feel “spammed.” Here are five tips to get it right:

1. Choose the right event (it might not be what you think it is)

When choosing what events are worth live coverage, keep your audience, and your product, in mind. For instance, dog food brands should tweet the Westminster show; couture labels should have a presence at Fashion Week. However, it’s also good to think about the unique angle your brand could take on a familiar event — for example, how funny would it be for a prissy cat food brand to playfully mock the Westminster? Plenty of brands that had nothing to do with soccer found social media greatness with World Cup coverage – think outside your comfort zone.

2. Find the right hashtag(s)

Huge televised events often trend beforehand, so finding the associated hashtags is often as simple as checking out the trending box on Twitter. If you need more inspiration, tools like Topsy make it possible to search multiple hashtags to see what’s both related to the event as well as popular.

4. Put your A-Team on it

The person live-tweeting for you should be the best, cleverest writer on your social media team. After all, they’ll be responding to events as they unfold in real time, as well as engaging in several @reply streams at once. They should be nimble on the keyboard, not especially prone to spelling mistakes, and ready to draw cultural connections that resonate.

5. Identify influencers beforehand

Keep a list of 15-20 publications and Twitter influencers who have heavily participated in live tweeting events in the past. Ideally, you should look at their Twitter feeds from previous years and events to make sure they are the type of user who likes to retweet and engage with others. Engage them regularly in your live-tweeting efforts, sharing or commenting on their tweets. Twitter is all about the ripple effect, and getting influencers to talk to you or tweet at you during the event will give you a bigger boost in visibility.

With these tips on hand, you’re well on your way to live-tweeting dominance. Now, let’s see which brands blow the competition out of the water in this #USMNT #WorldCup match!


By Lauren B. Mangiaforte, NewsCred Contributor