INFOGRAPHIC: How to Efficiently Scale Your Content

INFOGRAPHIC: How to Efficiently Scale Your Content

by Alexa Biale

1 minute read

One thing we all know is that content marketing offers the unique ability to create meaningful connections with your audience. With the right content, you can turn your audience into loyal customers and your biggest advocates.

However, there are obstacles that every content marketer will inevitably face. Most often, these roadblocks include any combination of producing exceptional content, scaling content production, or creating an effective distribution strategy. 

In an effort to help solve those issues, we dove into our 2016 data. We looked at our nearly 200 customers – and ourselves – and analyzed the numbers. We identified how frequently they produced content, how big their teams were, and what content performed well and why. We uncovered some pretty surprising insights that explain how both B2B and B2C brands are creating content that engages their audiences and drives business results – even with very small, lean teams.  

Over the next month, we’ll be releasing a series of three infographics, created with our content agency partner, Column Five, that will provide you with highlights from our research that you can apply to your own content strategy.

This week, we’re releasing the first of these graphics, “Efficiently Scale Your Content,” which details how using the right mix of original and licensed content can help you succeed in content marketing. By leveraging a mix of content, you’re not only able to lighten the workload for your content creators, but you’re also providing your audience with unique content that offers different stories, voices, and perspectives. This keeps things exciting and new for your audience, resulting in increased pageviews, social followers – and stronger business results. 

Take a look at our first infographic in the series:



This article was written by Alexa Biale, Brand Marketing Manager at NewsCred.