Industry Roundup: Starbucks Launches Animated Content Series + CMOs and Omnichannel Woes
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Industry Roundup: Starbucks Launches Animated Content Series + CMOs and Omnichannel Woes

by Heather EngDecember 15, 2016

NewsCred’s roundup of the content marketing, technology, and business stories that caught our attention this week.

3 Simpsons Writers Spent So Much Time at Starbucks, They Created a Series for the Chain (Adweek)

For several years, a trio of Simpsons writers spent every morning working at Starbucks. Each day, they had to connect to Wifi through the Starbucks website – and felt that the landing page was a missed opportunity for featuring compelling content. They came up with their own solution, pitched it to Starbucks, and got the green light. The result: 1st and Main, an animated web series featuring animals who work at Starbucks. The coffee company will roll out eight 90-second videos from this week through January on its website, app, and Facebook page.


CMOs Struggle to Deliver on the Promise of the Omnichannel Approach, Survey Suggests (The Drum)

A new study from the CMO Council and IBM found that the omnichannel approach will be one of the biggest challenges CMOs will face in 2017. The ability to deliver a cohesive customer experience at every touchpoint is becoming an imperative – and senior marketing leaders believe that content and data will be the most crucial assets they can leverage to do so. Sixty percent of respondents say that they need to create more types of content in order to stay relevant in today’s digital space. And 44% said that it’s imperative that they pull, analyze, and utilize data from across the company. The study also found that 42% of senior marketers plan to improve the customer experience by better connecting their initiatives across platforms; 37% plan to better synthesize their physical and digital experiences. In addition, 29% say they’ll invest in additional technologies to manage and analyze data.



IKEA Retail Therapy.png
IKEA Renames Products After Commonly Googled Relationship Problems (PSFK)

IKEA found a clever way for people to find its products: Renaming them after commonly searched relationship problems. The Retail Therapy collection includes a “My Partner Snores” daybed, a “He Can’t Say He Loves Me” chalkboard, and a “Kids Every Other Week” sleeper sofa. When people search for each term, they’ll see a Google ad for the IKEA product; each product page includes the product’s real name, plus a link to buy, and an encouraging message for the user. The whole Retail Therapy collection is at



Social media platforms announced a slew of updates, this week, as they compete to be the dominant network:

  • Facebook is rolling out “Live 360,” i.e. the ability to live stream 360 videos. National Geographic broadcast the first Live 360 video on Tuesday from the Mars Desert Research Station facility in Hanksville, Utah. Live 360 will be available to all users and pages in 2017. (Variety)
  • A few weeks ago, Instagram announced that they’d be rolling out live-streaming for all users – and now that feature is live. Unlike Facebook Live, the videos aren’t available after they air; users can only view them in real time. (Engadget)
  • And in even more live streaming news: Twitter now has live streaming capabilities, too. Users can broadcast live video directly from the app. Periscope, which Twitter acquired last year, is the technology behind the feature. (The Verge)
  • Snapchat released four new features: group chats for up to 16 people, the ability to identify songs through Shazam, a “Scissor” function that lets users cut out parts of messages and use them as stickers, and a “Paintbrush” too that will allow for colorful snap customizations. (Adweek)
  • Instagram launched a new bookmarking feature that lets users save images; users can then view them anytime in a separate tab. All saved images will be private. This move is seen as an attempt to edge out Pinterest as the dominant visual social bookmarking platform – and it can be a win for marketers, especially retailers, as it offers users another way to keep their brands top-of-mind with the right content. (Recode)


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Taco Bell Tells “Taco Tales” in New Branded Content Approach

Taco Bell is rolling out weekly “Taco Tales” videos on YouTube in the first step of its latest effort to connect with its audience well beyond its restaurants.



Capital One Bets Big on Facebook in New Campaign

Capital One is turning to Facebook for its newest brand-focused campaign, which debuts Thursday. The push, #DefineYourDream, highlights empowering and uplifting stories from Capital One customers, and will run primarily on Facebook and Instagram.


Heather Eng is NewsCred’s Managing Editor.