How & Why Content Teams Can Improve the Marketing Function [Free Video]
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[Video] How & Why Content Teams Can Improve the Marketing Function

by NewsCred

1 minute read

The landscape for today’s marketers is changing right in front of us. Burdened by “work about work” and an ever-growing list of demands, the best marketing organizations are fostering a cultural change and embracing a team-of-teams style (read: integrated) approach to marketing.

But how do you get to that point of marketing integration? How do you drive organizational change?

Watch our session from this year’s Content Marketing World, where NewsCred’s CEO & Co-Founder, Shafqat Islam, discussed the necessity for adapting to and excelling in the integrated marketing era. You’ll learn:

  • The challenges facing modern marketers
  • How the world’s leading brands are solving for them
  • Why content teams are best suited to drive that transformation — and be our marketing heroes.

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