An Inside Look at GE's Brilliant Content Strategy
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Marketer Spotlight: An Inside Look at GE’s Brilliant Content Strategy


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We have lots of reasons to be excited these days, and one of them is our upcoming Content & Cocktails event at the Crosby Street Hotel on Tuesday, February 4th. We’re welcoming General Electric’s Global Manager of Digital Marketing Katrina Craigwell, who will share tips on visual storytelling. As the woman behind GE’s innovative and successful social media campaigns and digital content strategy, we have a feeling she knows what she’s talking about.
Since joining GE in 2011, Craigwell’s focus has been on content marketing and building up social communities. She’s achieved no simple feat: humanizing a behemoth company like GE. “Communicating the depth and breadth of what we do in an understandable format, for a consumer audience,” is what Craigwell has described as GE’s biggest challenge. Visual storytelling via social media has proved to be vital in making it possible.

GE has let its creative juices flow on platforms like Tumblr and Pinterest, which have allowed them to “let go of the brand a little bit and be part of internet culture.” The light bulb went off when the Craigwell first launched GE’s Instagram account, which was met with immediate success.
GE Pinterest content strategy
What started as a simple trial, focusing solely on beautiful images of GE’s innovative technology, quickly led to the realization of just how important visual content would be for the brand. YouTube, Vine, and Google+ experiments and expansions were soon to follow (among others), and with hundreds of thousands of followers across GE’s various platforms, their efforts have proved to be a sure-fire way to better connect with the public.

It’s been Craigwell’s mission to show GE’s audiences that the brand stands for much more than just household appliances. With multiple corporate content properties – GE Reports, Ecomagination, healthymagination, Txchnologist and – and social media campaigns that cater to various audiences, she’s ensuring that the company is doing just that, and doing it well. Craigwell asserts that,  “together, these properties help us illustrate the aviation, energy, healthcare and transportation industries at large, and how GE is innovating within them.”

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By Anastasia Dyakovskaya, NewsCred Contributor.