Why We Developed Engineering Team Values for NewsCred

Why We Developed Engineering Team Values for NewsCred

by Andrew Lin

2 minute read

Company values empower employees to make aligned decisions and broadcast how we aspire to operate. Luckily for us, NewsCred is a values-driven company. We have a strong set of company values embedded into our startup DNA, and we hold quarterly recognition programs that celebrate our teams and values.

The engineers at NewsCred recently decided to go a step further and build out team-specific values to supplement our core pillars. Why take the time to build and document values? We’re in the middle of several large feature sprints, and there’s certainly no shortage of projects. But this was an opportunity for our team to come together across our diverse experiences and tenures and agree on the type of culture — not just software — we want to build at NewsCred. 

Introducing NewsCred’s Engineering Team Values

We developed NewsCred’s engineering values as part of a team offsite earlier this month. The exercise involved splitting into groups to share ideas and feedback on our core NewsCred values, developing “Engineering Takes” on each one. We then compiled all our thoughts and feedback into a collaborative workspace within the CMP.

Here are each of NewsCred’s core values, followed by our engineering-specific tenet:

Trust over everything.

  • Engineering Squads and individuals have agency to establish reliable systems.

Teamwork over brilliance.

  • We share successes and failures through egoless code reviews, pairing, and knowledge sharing.

Compassion over being right.

  • Our software building process is rooted in understanding, feedback, and empathy.

Grit over stability.

  • We strive through uncertainty to ensure continuous delivery.

Customer obsession over process.

  • Squads value quality impact and continuous improvement over excessive polishing.

What’s next for our values? They’ll be used to provide guidance as we jump into 360-degree feedback, sprint retrospectives, and post-mortems. We’ll use company values to guide these sessions and engineering-specific language to clarify meaning. Of course, nothing’s set in stone and we plan to come together regularly to reevaluate our values and their impact on our work and culture. We’ll keep you posted on results.

Andrew Lin is a Lead Engineer for NewsCred’s Integrated Planning team.