How to Design Your E-Commerce Product Pages to Increase Sales

How to Design Your E-Commerce Product Pages to Increase Sales

by Anastasia Dyakovskaya

5 minute read

You’ve got people coming to your site. Great! Now what? Designers know that presentation is everything. For e-commerce businesses, the way a product is displayed online can make or break sales. Bounce rates are high, but if you’re able to catch a potential buyer’s attention quickly enough – in just a couple of seconds – you may just be turning a visitor into a paying customer.

As long as you’re relaying the right information, along with the motivation to gently persuade a visitor into becoming a buyer, the possibilities for creating a powerful product page are pretty broad. Like all things design, there’s never just one clear-cut solution or formula for success. The main thing is, of course, to get noticed and to make a great first impression. Check out how these brands are doing just that.

Big Picture

When it comes to images, you may have heard by now that bigger is better. Those aren’t just empty words; study after study has shown that increasing image size results in greater leads generated, lower bounce rates, and more click-throughs. Squarespace’s gorgeous landing page, featuring a full-screen images, is a perfect example of the potency of a picture. The site flicks through various scenes that show a pair of hands holding smartphones, tablets, and computers, displaying gorgeous pages powered by the company.

Screenshot 2014-07-26 13.48.37.png

As the images change, so does the URL, showing users their own potential and the company’s limitless possibilities with hashtags like, #restaurants, #publications, #musicians and more. Not only does the setup show off the brand’s awesome design and functionality, it puts every possibility into first-person perspective with background-rich contextual images, making it that much easier for a visitor to envision him or herself using the platform.

Screenshot 2014-07-26 13.48.54.png

When arranging images on your pages, don’t hesitate to go a little bigger than planned – or a lot. And don’t forget alt text! Keyword-rich copy can add a serious boost to image SEO.


To really shake things up, it might be worth the effort to start putting your products in motion. The use of video, especially in fashion or products that might require instructions, can be even more convincing than the most beautiful still image to a potential buyer. People want to know, what are the steps needed to build a certain piece of furniture or technology? How does a certain fabric look like when it moves?

Sakes Fifth Avenue E-commerce product page

That’s why retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue have started incorporating video clips throughout their sites. Almost every clothing item on offer is accompanied by a short reel which plays right as the page loads, making it the first thing a visitor sees. Even accessories spin around to show off their 360-degree angles and features.

Shoppers can click into alternate views, often seeing the product within the context of a larger outfit or with additional information such as model height, which paints a fuller, more attractive picture for the buyer.

Think about it: does your product beg to move? Are there features that a video could really highlight? If so, it could be time to get behind the camera.

Options & Cross-Selling

Apparel e-commerce is wonderfully suited for fun and effective cross-selling design solutions. Regardless of your product,  anything in your range that naturally lends itself to a similar or relevant recommendation is good to go when suggested further items for purchase. Clothing e-tailers often have the advantage of effortlessly pushing more merchandise by giving visitors the option of completing a look.

Victoria's Secret Sport E-commerce Product Page

Victoria’s Secret, for instance, offers an extensive collection that goes far beyond lingerie. Items like the exercise pants pictured above invite the possibility of an entire outfit, consisting of recommended pieces seen below the on-brand headline of “You’ll Also Love,” further down the page. Take another look at the full scope of your own offering and start connecting the dots for stronger cross-selling that’s appropriate and even welcome.

Victoria's Secret e-commerce product page

Killer Copy & Calls to Action

Naming your recommended merch – as well as any opportunity to craft the perfect copy – is another great way to grab attention while reinforcing your brand’s voice and personality. Liven up product descriptions with custom copy that really speaks to your particular audience. No matter your industry, a brainstorming session will quickly lead to ideas: draw on your company’s heritage or a product’s unique functionality, or alternatively, get creative with word play and use humor to spice things up.

Lush e-commerce product page

This applies to anything from product descriptions to details, headlines, and titles. UK beauty brand Lush Cosmetics, for example, takes things to another level with their product names, which run the gamut from cute to zany. Fans love that they let their freak flag fly, and SEO is taken into account with a sub-title stating what the product actually is – in this case, the Granny Takes a Dip Bath Bomb. The info copy is short, sweet, and totally on-brand, while a rave 5-star customer review is strategically placed alongside, visible above the fold.

Sometimes it’s not just your own copy you should be spotlighting. When positive user-generated content comes into play, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t find a creative way to work it into your page.

Think Different

No product page write-up would be complete without a nod to Apple, God-like among their product and web design contemporaries. Every piece of their portfolio is brilliantly displayed onsite, and their homepage focuses on the newest or hottest product of the moment. Currently, the iPhone 5S lights up the screen at, quickly guiding a viewer onto a page that showcases three of the smartphone’s many target users – parents, athletes and creators.

Iphone e-commerce product page

The page is a combination of beautiful still and moving images, linking to all of the various apps and other options users have within each category. Three one-minute emotionally driven videos show the incredible range of capabilities the phone offers each type of person, and encourage visitors to learn more about and ideally purchase the product. Clean, simple, and visually stunning – that’s Apple.

Whatever you end up doing with your page, remember to keep SEO and load time at the forefront of your design and editing plans. On mobile, websites that take more than five seconds to load lose 74% of their visitors. That means if a page is so complicated that it takes too long to appear, it won’t matter how amazing you’ve made it look – no one’s going to have the patience to see it.


By Anastasia Dyakovskaya, NewsCred Contributor