Q+A: How Can I Create Interesting Content in a Regulated Industry?

Q+A: How Can I Create Interesting Content in a Regulated Industry?

by Angela Morris

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Q. How can I create interesting content in a highly regulated industry?

A. This is a question we frequently get from companies in the health, financial services, and pharmaceutical industries because they are subject to many regulations. But despite the restrictions and additional layers of approval, you can still create compelling, engaging content.

One way to deal with this is to not give advice, but options for solutions. Start by providing context and laying out what the problem is – this is one area where you can incorporate more storytelling.

Then, offer possible solutions without being prescriptive. This tactic keeps you from touching on any layer of advice that puts you in difficult territory. For example, a piece on retirement planning could discuss investment options such as a 401(k), but to stay clear of regulations, it would avoid telling you how much money to put in stocks or bonds.

Finally, leverage internal subject matter experts (SMEs) for commentary. SMEs humanize your brand and help people see you as a problem solver. Plus, they are used to giving external presentations and being quoted in the media, so they know what to say within regulations. 

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