Content Marketing Statistics 2018 for Building a Business Case

In order to be successful at content marketing, you need executive buy-in. And what moves executives to take action? A compelling business case, complete with statistics that support your content marketing strategy and proposal.

While content marketing, as a concept, is generally understood these days, there are some high-level, C-suite executives that might not fully understand the inner workings of it (e.g. how it differs from social media marketing), or how content marketing can directly help the company drive leads, boost revenue, and improve brand awareness and loyalty.

Whether you’re a would-be content marketer looking to launch a program, or a veteran content marketer in need of a bigger budget, use these content marketing statistics to create an airtight business case. You’ll get the buy-in that you need to run a content marketing program that drives the results your company wants to see.

The Initial Pitch: Why Content Marketing Is Necessary

If your executives are not yet true believers in content marketing, here are some jumping off statistics to open your business case:

Customers want content, not ads.

Ad safety is a major problem.

Ad spends often result in wasted money.

The Proven Solution: Why and How Content Marketing Works

Content is a major part of the customer journey, allowing brands to be discovered, and then creating an always-on relationship. And, if you do it right, it can be a big ROI driver.

Content powers the customer journey. 

Content drives leads.

Content powers sales.

Content builds brand awareness and loyalty.

Content marketing results in cost-savings.

Content marketing, as an industry, is growing.

Case Studies to Cite

Mine these articles for specific brand examples that align with the program you’re looking to run to further bolster your content marketing business case.

Additional Resources for Building a Business Case

There you have it: content marketing statistics to help you make your business case. Go to your management team armed with these points in a presentation and you’ll be one step closer to getting a bigger marketing budget and launching or revamping your content marketing program.


Dawn Papandrea is a NewsCred Contributor.