7 Content Marketing Experts Share Their Secrets + Talk ROI

7 Content Marketing Experts Share Their Secrets + Talk ROI

by NewsCredNovember 9, 2015

NewsCred recently hung out with some of our favorite content marketing experts in our New York office to talk content marketing strategy, ROI, the mistakes brands are making, and the advice these industry stalwarts can impart on all of us. We captured these conversations with our Head of Strategy Michael Brenner on video.

What is one secret weapon successful content marketing brands are using? 

Brenner asks content marketing influencers Ann Handley, Joe Pulizzi, Andrew Davis, Michael Brito and Lee Odden for one secret weapon brands are using for content marketing that creates value, but not a lot of people are talking about.

“Ridiculously good writing!” says MarketingProfs CCO Ann Handley. “Why more companies, more brands don’t focus on it I don’t know.” Monumental Shift founder Andrew Davis has a more techy trick up his sleeve: “The biggest, most unbelievable thing you can do as a marketer today is spend more time with Google Trends, understand dissect, and increase your market.”

How is the content marketing landscape changing? 

NewsCred’s Head of Strategy Michael Brenner asks content marketing leaders Ann Handley, Jon Miller, and Joe Pullizzi how the content marketing landscape is changing and what brands need to know to succeed.

What is still unsolved when it comes to the content marketing conversation? “Personalization I think is a big deal,” says Handley. “That’s the next step in all this.” Engagio CEO and cofounder Jon Miller agreed: “How do I get the right content with the right individuals?”

What are the biggest mistakes brands are making with content marketing?

Chad Pollitt, Joe Chernov, and Lee Odden weigh in on the major mistakes brands are making when it comes to their content marketing strategy.

“We’re so busy thinking about the next blog post…whatever it is we produce, that we forget to turn around and look at the archive of everything we’ve already produced,” says InsightSquared VP of Marketing Joe Chernov. Toprank Online Marketing CEO Lee Odden agrees that more is not always more, noting that the biggest mistake is: “Making content just to make more thinking that if we throw more spaghetti at the wall we’ll win.”

How can B2B + B2C brands prove content marketing ROI? 

Michael Brito, Chad Pollitt, and Lee Odden share how B2B and B2C brands can prove the value of their content marketing strategy.

“What is the goal and how do you measure that goal?” asks Relevance cofounder Chad Pollitt, noting that many brands jump into content marketing without an end result in mind. “When you solve people’s problems they tend to convert on your website.” Odden suggests brands consider three things when searching for ROI: finding the right audience, engaging with them once they find you, and then measuring that engagement in a meaningful way.