Content Licensing: Ensure Engagement Even In Times of Crisis

Content Licensing: Ensure Engagement Even in Times of Crisis

by Shohei Fukano

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COVID-19 is dominating the news (and rightfully so). As such, it has everyone’s undivided attention as they’re eager to consume, learn, and understand how it might affect them. In these challenging and fast-evolving times, delivering topical content on brand and in alignment with core values becomes exponentially more important for marketers. But how do teams keep up with the demand? How can they provide relevant, topical, and high-quality content to maintain engagement with their audience? And how can they produce it quickly and cost-effectively? The answer is content licensing.

What is content licensing?

Sometimes referred to as content syndication, content licensing is content produced by publishers and legally licensed to supplement content programs for marketing and communication teams. During times of crisis, marketers are asked to quickly pivot – often requiring them to drop what they’re doing, reevaluate strategy (and tactics), and produce new content that will resonate with their audience.

Content licensing enables them to successfully meet these demands, helping to scale their content production capabilities and increase publishing volume across all channels and global markets.

Increase Engagement, Communication, and Conversions

The goal of content marketing is to build a strong relationship with your audience. By utilizing content licensing, you can develop an “always-on” relationship with your customers. This means you can engage with them every day and maintain an ongoing relationship, even during times of crisis. By providing useful and informative content with content licensing, you will create an honest relationship with your audience throughout the course of the pandemic (and even after the crisis).

Content licensing provides several benefits: driving high-quality site traffic, scaling your content programs, and ensuring engagement across all channels. With less money and resources, content licensing helps ensure you and your team have an on-demand inventory of high-quality content — even during difficult times.

  • Stay engaged with your customers: Licensed content not only helps you drive traffic to your site, but it also helps you engage with your audience. Providing interesting articles, videos, and images will help you take an “always-on” engagement approach with your customers while having enough content to personalize the content experience for each stage in the buying journey.
  • Drive traffic and retain customers: Licensed content allows you to host full-text articles, images, and videos directly on your website. This means that links posted to any of your social channels always drive traffic right back to your site – audiences will never have to “click out” to another publisher’s site again.

  • Scale your content programs with minimal resources…

Maximize Your Brand’s Customer Engagement with Content Licensing

Content licensing not only helps brands scale content production but can also improve website traffic during times of a pandemic. With so many articles and images accessible, content licensing can help your brand distribute the volume and variety of content needed to help achieve your content strategy goals.

Content licensing can help improve organic traffic in three ways:

  • Websites with consistent publishing cadence get indexed more and are recognized by Google for having fresh content.

  • Content licensing gives your brand real-time access to trending and relevant content so you can quickly publish SEO-friendly, time-sensitive article pages (especially about coronavirus).

  • Content licensing from prominent publishers validates your posts and increases social shares, which are important factors in Google’s SEO algorithm.

How Can NewsCred Help for Content Licensing?

NewsCred is the only company that takes a holistic approach to content marketing by providing licensed content, original content from our award-winning network of freelancers, and user-generated content, as well as content workflows, distribution, and analytics. We believe in helping global brands to overcome adversaries, like this global pandemic, by empathetically connecting with their audience through content.

While most marketers are familiar with the importance of original content, many ask about the benefits of content licensing. NewsCred offers licensed articles, images, and videos from over 5,000 publications across many countries, allowing brands to increase the volume and quality of content they publish while increasing brand equity.

Some of Our Healthcare Publishers:

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Scale Your Marketing With Quality Content

Content licensing gives brands the right to publish full-text articles, images, and videos from prominent publications across brand owned marketing channels: websites, social platforms, and emails.

  • Increase your publishing volume and cadence: Newscred offers over 50M full-text articles and images from thousands of world-class publishers, giving you the scale of content you need to meet the demands of the always-on consumer.
  • Get the quality, depth and breadth of content you need: Our content offering spans 160K topics, 19 verticals, and six languages, allowing you to produce legitimate content across a breadth of broad and niche topics – from coronavirus news to medical technology.
  • Access beautiful stock and editorial images: Articles that contain images get 94% more views than articles without. With 30 million editorial and stock images, access to fully-licensed images, and the most extensive image licensing rights, NewsCred enables you to publish beautiful images everywhere.

At NewsCred, we work with global enterprise companies to solve the problems of customer engagement, retention, and global scale. During difficult times, our customers recognize that a diversified content creation strategy is necessary to achieve the scale and quality they need – which is why we are on a mission to be by their side to support them in any content needs. The right balance for content marketing is dependent on your brand’s needs and goals. There is no golden ticket for content marketing success, but these three resource pillars give brands the tools and assets to create a successful content marketing strategy with reach, speed, and scale.

Any marketer who has actually talked to other content creators and strategists in the marketplace knows that not every brand has the bandwidth to produce 100% original content at scale, especially during times of crisis, so the most effective approach is a holistic approach.

Need Content Licensing?

Contact us to get access to thousands of quality licensed content to keep your audience engaged during these tough times.

Shohei Fukano is NewsCred’s Content Marketing Manager.