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Coca-Cola’s Secret Recipe for Content Marketing Success [Infographic]

by NewsCredFebruary 19, 2014

Coca-Cola has become a role-model for high quality content and marketing. From their cute polar bear video ads to their humanitarian goals, this company excels at bringing the community more than just a popular product. Their system of content marketing brings people information to appreciate and sends an energetic vibe of joy to viewers.

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Coca-Cola’s Content Marketing 4-Part Strategy Checklist

The following information comes from Coca-Cola’s manager of digital communications and social media, Ashley Callahan. She presented the following points for‘s BlogWell conference. Her excellent presentation can be found and viewed here.

1. Does it answer the “Why Should I Care” test?

Ask yourself, “Would I want to share the content that I’m writing?” If not, chances are that it’s not the incredible article that you could be writing. People should care enough about the article that they call their best friend about it and share it over their social media sites.

2. Does it surprise you?

Ask yourself, “Is there anything new or truly interesting about this content?” Face it, most internet content is boring and reduntant. Make yours stand out with a unique writing style, new information, a new twist, or some other element of surprise.

3. Does it have universal appeal?

Ask yourself, “How many people will actually appreciate what I’m writing?” It’s easy to write something that a few people might enjoy reading, but a blog post or article can’t be successful unless it can be appreciated by a huge audience of people. Search for ways to make the topic pertinent to more readers.

4. Does it generate interest in what you have to offer?

Ask yourself, “How does what I’m writing successfully generate interest in the product or service I offer?” Great content is important, but it should do more than bring readers to your site. Something about your content should make people interested in researching your business. Make people intrigued about what you have to offer through your content.

I hope this has been helpful and enjoyable content marketing material!

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