[Case Study] Fifth Third Bank's Success Creating an Enterprise-Wide Content Strategy

[Case Study] Fifth Third Bank’s Success Creating an Enterprise-Wide Content Strategy

by NewsCred

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The marketing community is all too familiar with the statistic “65% of content that marketing teams produce is wasted.” But what can be done to prevent waste and centralize the customer journey? NewsCred recently sponsored the SiriusDecisions Tech Exchange 2018, where Fifth Third Bank’s VP, Brand Content & Social Media Director, Shannon Paul, presented a case study on how they have implemented and benefitted from NewsCred’s Integrated Marketing Edition (IME) of the Content Marketing Platform (CMP). 

The three pain points Fifth Third Bank had been experiencing prior to implementing NewsCred’s IME are quite common among enterprise companies: the need for an enterprise-wide content strategy, a technology solution to centralize and streamline the content development process, and a central view of all content marketing and planning activity. Using the IME, Fifth Third Bank has found success in their content marketing efforts by:

  • Improving operational effectiveness and efficiency across the marketing organization
  • Breaking down silos to encourage collaboration
  • Having increased content output with the same inputs and resources.

How did they do it?

Shannon broke it down into three categories: people, process and platform. Getting executive buy-in and activating cross-functional executive sponsors from each section of the marketing team was key to breaking down silos and kickstarting collaboration.

“Sometimes you have to slow down to speed up,” explained Shannon, “we had to do quite a bit to make sure everyone understood the process.”

Once the stakeholders agreed on their processes for building the brand’s content strategy, from integrated planning to shared language and governance, NewsCred’s platform was the last final piece of the puzzle to enable execution.

Watch the full case study to learn more about Fifth Third’s journey to content marketing success with the help of NewsCred’s Integrated Marketing Edition.