Q+A: Can I Mention My Products in My Content Marketing?

Q+A: Can I Mention My Products in My Content Marketing?

by Meghan Catucci

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Q. Is it okay for me to mention my products in my content marketing?

A. Short answer: sometimes.

Long answer: The more you mention your products, the more you run the risk of losing the trust and interest of your audience. The key to successful content marketing is providing customers and potential customers with the information they’re seeking. To build an ongoing relationship with your audience, you need to provide value without coming across as overly promotional.

It’s fine to mention your product or brand in your content from time to time – but always ask whether its primary purpose is to provide value to your customer or to you. If it’s you, then you might be in advertorial realm and you should probably rethink your decision.

Suppose you’re a denim company creating a listicle about the top 10 ways to wear a jean jacket. If you’re including a number of products and one of them is yours, that would be fine. But if the listicle only features your brand’s products and just includes quotes from people in your company, no one will trust it, even if it’s good content.

When in doubt, put yourselves in the mindset of your customers: Would you want to read the content you create? And would you trust it? That should be your ultimate barometer.

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Meghan Catucci is a Content Strategist at NewsCred.