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6 Inspirational Quotes From Our Marketing Team About, Well, Marketing

by Jeremy Ford

8 minute read

As marketers, we surround ourselves with loads of industry-relevant content everyday. Whether in the form of email newsletters, blogs, videos, webinars, or talks, we are constantly seeking sources of education and inspiration. Inevitably, consuming such large amounts of content leads to information overload, which can hinder retainment. However, sometimes someone says something that cuts through the noise and navigates a path to your long-term memory… something so meaningful or insightful that it resonates with you so deeply that you just can’t stop thinking about it. NewsCred’s marketing team recognizes the importance of these moments. Here are our top inspirational quotes from industry influencers. We hope they have the same impact on you as they did on us.

“Design is so simple. That’s why it’s so complicated.”

– Paul Rand

Chosen by : Jeremy Ford, Designer

I’m inspired by pretty much everything Paul Rand has ever said. I remember first learning about his career in college, when our class was presented with his timeless brand work, including iconic corporate identities for IBM, NeXT, Westinghouse, ABC, and UPS. As someone who truly values and embraces the design process, Rand really took the time to understand the challenge at hand. He became known for his minimal aesthetic, where compositions were carefully constructed and intentionally stripped of unnecessary elements to keep his clients’ visual communications concise, confident, and memorable (he carried this approach over to his own personal brand too). In a fantastic interview from 1993, Steve Jobs reveals what it was like to work with Rand on the NeXT project. What a legend.

“You’re not the kind of girl who settles. Keep not settling.”

– Joy Wilson

Chosen by: Melissa Blazejewski, B2B Events Manager

Female empowerment inspires me. Seeing other women like me start their own businesses, run large corporations, or mentor other women is an inspiration! I love reading their success stories so when I stumbled upon this quote featured on one of my favorite blogs, The Everygirl, it resonated with me. It resonated so much, that I purchased a print to hang over my bed!

Prior to graduating college, which seems like so long ago, I made a promise to myself to land a job that I actually wanted in an industry I was, and still am, passionate about – event marketing. I’m happy to report I did just that! Now six years into my career, and still in the event world, I continue to keep this promise to myself.

Powerful, working women are on the rise. Keep it going, ladies! I hope that no matter where you are in your career that you never settle. Keep pushing for the promotions and salary increases you deserve; accept the job that forces you outside of your comfort zone; and start the businesses you’re passionate about. Most importantly, let’s support one another during the journey.

There’s no reason why today can’t be the day you decide not to settle.

“I have learned, based on my experience, that everything is dominated by the market. So whenever we are struck by any obstacles or difficulties, I always say to myself: ‘Listen to the market, listen to the voice of the customer.’ That’s the fundamental essence of marketing. Always, we have to come back to the market, back to the customer. That is the Toyota way.

So, whenever we’re stuck, we always go back to the basics. Because branding, image, or Lovemarks are determined by the customers, not us. We really cannot determine anything. The customer does that. That is the essence.”

– Yoshio Ishizaka, EVP, Toyota

Chosen by: Dayna Sargen, Brand Marketing Director

Reading this quote for the first time in Kevin Roberts’ book, Lovemarks, is a moment I will remember forever. It was when all of my years studying marketing and working in the practice came together in a moment of clarity. For years, I had spent countless hours trying to master the understanding of how consumers behave, what they want and how brands can better serve them. Trying to find the secret sauce to elevate a brand’s stature and resonate with your target audience can take even the most experienced marketer years to figure out. Often times in this search, we forget to bring it back to basics and remind ourselves that at the end of the day, brands are owned by individuals – not companies. Until you can truly understand what your customer thinks, wants, and loves, a marketer’s time is wasted with assumptions and guesses. This was the moment when I knew I wanted to focus my career on branding and when the true power of marketing became incredibly clear.


“If you feel like you’re in control, then you’re not going fast enough.”

– Mario Andretti

Chosen by: Jonathan Hinz, Director Product Marketing

I was born in a hospital hallway in less than 10 minutes and my mother has always said that I’ve never slowed down since. I’ve always run fast, played fast, worked fast – it’s just who I am. In the past, I used this quote to validate my speed and never really applied the rest of its impact until about three years ago when I started pushing myself out of my comfort zone and actively facing the fears that I had. I started with simple yet fearful things like eating alone at a restaurant and public speaking. As I felt the fear, I made sure to push myself to face it and then think through why I had that fear in the first place. This is how I came to realize the quote is more than just “going fast” but really about pushing past your pre-established definition of “comfort” in order to find the next gear.

In business I apply this to trying, testing, and iterating quickly to get quick bursts of information (successes or failures) to apply to the next revision. I worked for 13+ years in an extremely large (280k person) company and the 18 month development cycles just killed me. To see my team (and others) invest so much work in preparing, thinking through, analyzing, etc in an effort to control the output and stay within their comfort zones was difficult to say the least. The best learnings would have come from just trying something out.


“The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.”

– Babe Ruth

Chosen by: Alexa Biale, Brand Marketing Manager

There’s a reason why people frequently talk about business by using sports analogies – almost everything that you encounter in athletics has a direct parallel to the business world. As a former D1 lacrosse and field hockey player, I especially believe this to be true when thinking about team structure.

I’ve played on both winning teams and losing teams throughout my athletic career and I can tell you that understanding team dynamic is as important, if not more, in my professional career. The Babe was right, you cannot have a team of individual stars. You need the unsung hero, the manager, and the practice players to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts. In my experience, some of the most impactful players on a winning team aren’t the leading goal scorers, it’s the people you’ve never heard about who constantly push those all-stars to perform their best, all the time.

When I reflect on the many successes of the marketing team here at NewsCred, it all comes back to our undeniably strong team dynamic. Each of us plays a pivotal role on the team, whether it’s in design, lead generation, event planning, or branding. If you removed even one of these elements, we simply couldn’t function. On a macro level, the marketing role becomes even more magnified when compared to our entire organization. Sure, sales might be the goal scorers, but marketing leads in assists – and that’s just the way we like it.

“Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.”

– Theodore Roosevelt

Chosen by: Liam Moroney, Demand Generation Manager

Even as an immigrant to the US, the bravery and integrity of Teddy Roosevelt is hard to ignore.

I’m a bit of a history nerd and, even though I’m not American, there are few historical figures who intrigue me as much as Teddy Roosevelt. A larger than life character, who overcame debilitating sickness as a child, he went on to be of the most energetic presidents with outlandish stories of adventure and excitement.

What I really like about him, however, are the initiatives he focused on so hard to pass during his tenure. It’s easy for a politician to focus on passing laws that that get them re-elected, or focus only on short term success. However, Roosevelt had a passion for things that were for the good of the American people, especially those who would be born many years beyond his term. He took on the largest of special interest groups, broke up monopolies, brokered deals that helped the working and middle classes, passed food and drug labelling and inspection laws, and most notably of all, placed millions of acres of land under federal protection which resulted in the state parks that have become so beloved.

This quote stands out so much to me because, when I approach my work, I always seek to do things that are worth doing. While we marketers may not create things that save lives, we should always seek to create content that we feel passionate about. Content marketing, to me, matters because we get to create content that our audience wants, enjoys, and values. It does not exist solely to generate a dollar. If we all approach our work the way Teddy approached his term, we’ll leave a better world behind for those who come after us.