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5 Social Media Statistics to Help Target Your Audience Better

by Olsy Sorokina

3 minute read

Are teenagers leaving Facebook? Do users over 65 make up the fastest-growing demographic on Twitter? And, most importantly, why should you care about these social media statistics?

Besides the curiosity factor of the shifts in social media network populations, research on the subject is invaluable in helping social media managers shape a successful social media marketing strategy. Knowing the user base of various social media networks can help you target potential customers in a much more efficient manner.

The latest studies reveal changes in major demographics, optimal activity time, and reasons for users to visit a particular social networking site. Do you need to invest in your Instagram presence, or adjust your company’s content on LinkedIn? Find out from this selection of recent social media statistics every social media manager should know.

Here are 5 social media statistics to help you target your audience:

38% of Internet users now access social media via a mobile device

If your brand’s account or your social media images aren’t optimized for mobile, you risk losing a significant portion of your potential audience. Having a mobile-friendly profile is the bare minimum. If you want to increase the number of click-throughs and pageviews, schedule your content to go out at the optimal times for mobile use. There’s a debate on when exactly that is, but a general trend observes people browsing social media on their smartphones before or during their morning commute (8-8:30AM) and at lunch (12:30PM).

23% of Twitter users make less than 30,000 per year

Lower annual income for a big part of your audience means some businesses may need to market pricier products elsewhere. Instead, engage the audience on your Twitter feed with giveaways and discount codes. They can take the form of a trivia quiz about the product, a themed photo competition, or a retweet contest—all forms favored by Twitter, as long as you abide by the rules. This provides easy advertisement for your product, and encourages conversation between you and your customers.

54% of Millennials use LinkedIn to read industry news and seek professional advice

If your business already has a blog to post the latest news, consider cross-posting the blog content on LinkedIn. A user survey conducted by the professional social network showed that news about the latest brand innovations and news about the industry are the top reasons for users under 35 to check LinkedIn. Content published on this social network also boasts the highest amount of trust from users, which may be partly explained by LinkedIn’s professional niche. The network has recently expanded their long-form posts policy to include non-Influencers, which is a great opportunity to grow your follower base.

76% of Tumblr and 74% of Instagram users are teens

If you want to reach a younger audience, develop a stronger presence on either or both of these social media networks. Instagram has experienced the biggest growth spurt of all social networks in the past six months, and there are numerous rewards associated with getting creative on Instagram. It’s estimated that 71 percent of leading brands now have an active Instagram presence, so there is really no excuse to be lazy with yours. Tumblr has its own unique advantage: you don’t necessarily have to generate original content to engage your customers. Reblog interesting industry news briefs and visually appealing images—anything that helps audience associate positive, engaging content with your brand.

Snapchat’s user base skyrocketed 67% over the last six months

Messaging apps have been increasingly successful in the last few months, but what could this mean for your social media strategy? Brands are already displaying imaginative ways of using Snapchat, from accepting job applications, to previewing new products, to offering coupons in return to customer Snapchat videos featuring the product. Think of your own unique way to build a relationship with your audience using ephemeral videos, and they will appreciate the creativity. Bonus point: since Snapchat videos have the maximum length of 10 seconds, you don’t have to design an elaborate campaign around it—just remember the major points of social media content etiquette.


By Olsy Sorokina for Business2Community. This article was republished through NewsCred’s Licensed Content Network.