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3 Reasons To Join The Best Content Marketing Event In NYC

by Amber van Natten

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The third annual NewsCred #ThinkContent Summit is just around the corner on May 14, 2015 at the Metropolitan Building in Chelsea. This is the premiere event in NYC for content marketers to gather, share ideas around content marketing strategy, and bring that spark and inspiration back to their teams. Very limited space is available, but if you can’t make it, we will also be streaming the entire summit live at thecontentmarketingsummit.com from 9am – 5:00pm ET and our very active social community will be live-tweeting the conversation around the hashtag #ThinkContent. Why should you participate?

1) Amazing Speakers

best content marketing event

“Chest-beating is easy for brands — it’s largely been our history. Inviting someone in is difficult. Finding an angle that is interesting and thought-provoking enough for a person to internalize or attentively consider is far more powerful than any straight-forward message.” – Barbara Basney in The Internationalist

Jill Cress is responsible for consumer strategy for the MasterCard brand, ranked as #18 in the Millward and Brown Brand Z Most Valuable Global Brands. She oversees global consumer profiles and insights, and has responsibility for the global advertising guidelines of MasterCard’s Priceless campaign, ensuring they reach consumers while maintaining brand positioning.

“We have an organization that believes that things move at a snail’s pace, when, in reality, things can move at a breathtaking pace. The biggest challenge is convincing those that have been in the industry for too long to accept that the market is disruptable – within months, not decades.” – Matt Bruhn

“Everybody talks about storytelling, but few brands are doing it. Every good story includes a protagonist, a challenge and an outcome.” – Tomas Kellner 

best content marketing event

“I’ve done beer marketing wars, telecom wars, and credit card wars. They were usually product against product with one or two high-end or economy extensions. In the yogurt market…it’s a multifront war. When I was working on the MasterCard account, it was us against Visa, a one-front war. Now it’s a mosaic.” – Peter McGuinness in SBD

“Make sure you’re organizing and collaborating on your content and workflow, and that you’ve got systems to help you do that, and, lastly, make sure that the content you create is relevant to your audience and relevant to your brand. Just be who you are. If you are who you are and don’t try to be someone else, your audience is going to appreciate that and want to share your content with other people that think like they do. Write and create content that’ll resonate with them, and they’ll be fans for a long time.”Doug Carrillo

“The bottom line is, it is such an exciting time to learn about content, rather than picking which form of content is going to win.” – Ze Frank in Re/Code

“In an economy of unprecedented abundance, good scales like never before, and shit sinks faster than ever. So, who cares about your content, unless it’s great content?” – Andrew Essex

best content marketing event

“We have this mentality in content marketing that content is king, but in reality, it doesn’t matter how good your content is if you don’t have a strategy that’s distributing it to the right audience – which involves figuring out the very complicated ecosystem of channels and platforms that exist today.” – Luke Kintigh

“Create in-the-moment experiences. Mobile gives brands the opportunity to grab people’s full attention anywhere. How can brands deliver in-the-moment, almost real-time experiences to make use of that full attention?” – Cenk Bulbul in MediaBizBloggers

“The transformation we need to make in data-driven marketing can’t be based on long cycles of execution. We have to continue to improve and create short cycles of iterative execution based on methods and outcomes.” – Ben Edwards in Ad Age

“Behind every piece of bad content is an executive who asked for it.” – Michael Brenner

2) Solid Presentations + Real Insights

You already know content marketing is essential to your brand’s survival. How do you take your content strategy to the next level? The #ThinkContent summit agenda covers:

  • Inspiring Creativity: How Creativity is Redefined and Maximized to Foster Engagement – Andrew Essex, Droga5
  • Pushing the Boundaries: Setting a Standard for Creativity Within a Regulated Environment – Jill Cress, MasterCard

Technology: How to Enable Content Creation, Distribution and Analysis to Grow Your Business

  • Measuring Success and the Tools Used to Help Prove the Value of Content Marketing – Tomas Kellner, GE  /  Luke Kintigh, Intel  /  Ben Edwards, IBM
  • The New Consumer: How Understanding Consumer Behavior Can Help Connect You to your Audience – Cenk Bulbul, YouTube

The Future of Storytelling: How the Power of Storytelling can Help Engage, Attract and Impact your Audience

  • Pushing the Boundaries: How Brands are Entering New Spaces and Conversations by Delivering Relevant Messages to New Audiences – Peter McGuinness, Chobani
  • Where We Have Been and Where We Are Going: A Look at the Trajectory of How Storytelling and Media has, and Continues to,  Evolve – Ze Frank, BuzzFeed Motion Pictures
  • Transformation: How Brands Acting as Publishers — with Publishers — Can Evolve Brand Perception and Positioning – Barbara Basney, Xerox

Learning from the Leaders: Who Has Already Taken Strides to Redefine this Space?

  • Leveraging Brand Strength to Break Into New Industries. How Virgin is Cracking the Code at Disrupting and Evolving Product, Marketing and Brand Vision – Doug Carrillo, Virgin Hotels
  • Redefining Advertising and Storytelling to Build Global Brand Relevance and Engage a New Target Audience – Matt Bruhn, Diageo

3) A high-quality live stream

Can’t make it to the summit and feeling major FOMO? We’ll be streaming the entire summit live with FORA.tv starting at 9am ET. Pop in for your favorite brands and speakers or watch the whole stream with your team, and join the conversation using the #ThinkContent hashtag on Twitter. Stay tuned for exclusive interviews and videos after the event!