3 Myths Behind Migrating CMPs

3 Myths Behind Migrating CMPs (& Why It’s Worth Making the Switch)

by NewsCred

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With any change comes opportunity — at least, for those who seize it.

The recent disruption in the CMP market (i.e. Upland’s acquisition of Kapost) certainly qualifies as “change,” and at NewsCred, we believe this has presented the perfect opportunity for content marketers (and global marketing teams alike) to reassess their current platform investments and optimize their solution.

The truth is, we are in an age where technology is changing faster than we can consume it. This can make it difficult to keep up with the latest and greatest in the CMP space, and you may not be aware that your platform could be limiting your marketing planning and content production workflows.

Here’s the good news: if you’ve decided that your current solution just isn’t up to par (and here are a few signs that might be the case), it’s not too late to correct the situation for 2020 and beyond. 

And here’s the better news: migrating isn’t as hard as you might think.

Below are the common misconceptions we hear from companies that are considering transitioning to a new CMP, and why “making the switch” doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Myth #1: “It’s a complete deconstruction & reconstruction of my platform.”

Reality: It’s an optimization of your platform.

It’s not about deconstructing everything you’ve built over the last few years — it’s about building something even better. It’s about taking the lessons you learned from working with Kapost and evolving the maturity of your processes and governance. And finally, it’s about leveraging NewsCred’s key platform functionality and supplemental services — including innovative campaign planning and work management features, as well as strategic marketing and content guidance — to take your integrated marketing efforts to the next level.

Gartner recognizes NewsCred as best-in-class, positioning us highest and furthest to the right in the Magic Quadrant for CMPs (now two years in a row). This is, in part, a result of the differentiators we’ve built into the platform, as well as our ability to rapidly innovate. Together, this makes us the platform of choice for global brands as well as directly capable of supporting the most advanced of customer initiatives.

Gartner specifically cited NewsCred as having:

  • Data-driven planning and performance analytics. The NewsCred CMP is built on a rich foundation of analytics, beginning at the planning phase and continuing through each module for comprehensive performance measurement and ongoing optimization. By integrating multiple data sources across the entire platform, we are able to serve up intelligent recommendations at every phase of campaign and content execution, empowering our customers to make smart, data-backed decisions.
  • Support for complex use cases. Building a strategic centerpiece for global marketing teams requires a powerful, flexible environment, capable of supporting advanced use cases. NewsCred solves for this by delivering functionality that allows multiple types of groups within an organization — sometimes beyond the marketing team — to collaborate and get work done within the CMP, while enabling enterprise organizations to effectively scale their integrated marketing programs.
  • A comprehensive, well-integrated platform. Delivering a complete, end-to-end solution requires extending capabilities beyond the core platform. By combining robust campaign planning and content creation capabilities with seamless integrations into leading systems and complementary content and service offerings, NewsCred helps marketing organizations orchestrate the distribution of content across every customer touchpoint in order to deliver a consistent, cross-channel content experience.

Most importantly, NewsCred has the people and processes in place to ensure a seamless migration of data, as well as the resources to ensure your platform is technically configured and optimized to support the way your team works.

Which leads us to…

Myth #2: “Retraining all of my users will be too time-consuming & costly.” 

Reality: The true cost will be incurred by using a platform absent of proper R&D and support resources.

Yes, the willingness and appetite to learn a new system are not typically atop the ‘to-do’ list of many marketing teams. And you don’t want to go through a migration exercise “just because.” 

But, there is significant opportunity cost at risk for those who put the transition off simply because of the ‘inconvenience’. Moving forward with an incumbent who is not only already platform deficient, but also no longer has a dedicated R&D organization, could present greater challenges for your team down the road.

If you decide to migrate, you’d be selecting NewsCred for the future. You can use this as an opportunity to optimize your content operations program, and leverage market-changing enhancements that will empower your team to work more efficiently and execute higher-performing campaigns. Not only do we have the fastest pace of R&D in the category (side note: Gartner recognized the speed at which we’re continuously deploying new innovations), but we also have the people — many of whom recently joined us from Kapost — to ensure your organization is properly trained and equipped to take advantage of our cutting-edge technology.

Specifically, we employ RISO (Rapid Implementation Service Offering), an onboarding methodology focused on achieving faster time-to-value through incremental and phased deployments, coupling our platform with our expertise. This begins with defining the MVP (to accelerate time-to-value), identifying key onboarding milestones (to set the foundation for and streamline scalability), and planning ongoing adoption milestones (to support the core team during the rollout for continuous adoption). This continues throughout the entire engagement to ensure alignment and facilitate client success.

Our methodology, combined with our dedicated team of professional service and customer success experts, enables us to get users trained and using the platform as quickly as possible to minimize work interruption.

Myth #3: “The status quo is ‘good enough’ — it’s not worth the effort.”

Reality: The status quo was good enough — but it won’t do in the new age of marketing.

The solution you implemented was perfectly suitable 2-3 years ago. But in order to optimize for your 2020 goals (and beyond), there needs to be a renewed alignment between your people (i.e. teams), your processes (i.e. strategies), and the platform that powers it all. 

That’s because, as an industry, we’re ushering in a new era. The days of ineffective, traditional advertising and digital content saturation are gone. Today’s new era of marketing puts the customer first — by emphasizing the audience experience and redefining how we engage them. And it’s accomplished by providing an omnichannel brand experience — developing integrated campaigns and content that deliver consistent and compelling messaging.

At NewsCred, we refer to this as the era of Integrated Marketing (i.e. a series of coordinated, omnichannel activities, designed to elevate the impact of marketing by breaking down silos and creating a unified brand experience through content). And we’re seeing the world’s most modern marketing teams embrace this transformative shift — connecting functions (i.e. their people), strategies (i.e. their process) and solutions (i.e. their technology) — to unite everyone in delivering truly exceptional marketing. 

But it requires changing the way we work.  

That’s why NewsCred exists — to empower enterprise marketing teams to plan integrated campaigns, create exceptional content, and deliver meaningful marketing — at scale — through purpose-built software. By combining our robust, category-leading platform with a suite of strategic integrations to essential martech technologies, NewsCred supports global organizations by being the “orchestration hub” for planning and executing marketing efforts.

Of course, in addition to technology, achieving true transformation requires both a breadth and depth of technical and strategic marketing expertise. At NewsCred, we employ an ongoing partnership model to provide the consultation, training, and support needed to guide you through complex organizational change. With over a decade of experience working directly with enterprise brands, we’ve developed proprietary integrated marketing methodologies and agile deployment frameworks to empower your team to operate as a best-in-class marketing organization — now, and into the future.

Ok, I’m interested — what’s next?

Understanding how this will work isn’t something you need to stress over – because we have already stressed over it and solved it! At NewsCred, we believe that this decision, though important, doesn’t have to be complicated. We look at each company that works with us as a partner, where our success is tied together. We’ve done this before and we know what elements you need to consider when migrating to a new CMP. We can help you build a plan for migration, and once you are set up and running, we’ll continue to be your partner.

If you’re interested, schedule time to learn more and discuss potential next steps with an expert.