Giving at NewsCred: Our Favorite Charities of 2018
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Giving at NewsCred: Our Favorite Charities of 2018

by Cara Lemon

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NewsCred partners with RaisedBy.Us, an NYC-based not-for-profit organization that promotes social good through employee giving, volunteerism and community events. Through this program (and their partner Bright Funds) we have established a streamlined way for our employees to set up monthly recurring or one-time donations to causes they feel passionately about. An added benefit is the ability to curate personal funds that capture what you care about most; you can see the ones that are closest to my heart here.

To close out the year (and encourage additional year-end contributions), I asked some NewsCred team members about the causes important to them — here’s what they shared.


Jaisy De La Cruz
Director, Enterprise Sales

What charity or charities do you support through our giving program?

I donate to Summer Search, which focuses on high school students with great potential, but unequal opportunities. They provide access to the resources necessary for navigating critical milestones, such as higher education.

Why is this cause important to you?
I’ve always been passionate about systemic inequality, especially because it hits close to home. As an SS alum, I know how hard this organization works to unblock the barriers that prevent low-income kids from governing their trajectories and advancing beyond their status quo. I also value their approach: the programs are comprehensive, grounded in sophisticated research, and involve hands-on mentorship alongside unique summer experiences. In addition to gaining the skills to be successful in school and work, students learn self-reflection, agency, and empathy.

What would you say to folks to encourage more giving?
Donating to very large charities can be emotionally overwhelming, so think local and think personal. I get excited about organizations that give people the same opportunities and experiences I’m personally most grateful for.


Jesse Feldman Headshot.jpg

Jesse Feldman
Content Marketing Manager

What charity or charities do you support through our giving program?
I have a recurring donation to an animal rescue and cat TNR group in NYC called Little Wanderers. I’m also supporting the anti-hate fund someone else on Bright Funds created; the charities in that group include HIAS, which has provided aid to refugees for more than 130 years. One of the things I love about our charitable giving platform is that I can see and support funds (groupings of nonprofits) that are important to colleagues.

Why is this cause important to you?
Little Wanderers is an amazing volunteer-led animal rescue organization here in NYC. Follow them on Instagram to see these ladies climbing fences and doing whatever it takes to rescue kittens in the city. I love when I feel like there’s an immediate impact from my donations.

What would you say to folks to encourage more giving?
Try to think about the people on your gift list this year. Donating to a cause important to someone can be a way more thoughtful present than another candle or gift card. Also, giving when you’re able is a responsibility as a citizen of the world.


johndeguzman.jpegJohn de Guzman
General Manager,
Content Marketplace

What charity or charities do you support through our giving program?
The benefit of RaisedBy.Us is that it’s easy to give to all kinds of charities. I’ve been able to give larger, one-time donations to charities like Refugee & Immigrant Center For Education & Legal Services and Committee to Protect Journalists, Inc. It’s also easy to give ongoing donations to funds that distribute the money to a number of charities. I’ve enjoyed giving to Protect the Environment Fund, Improve Education Fund, Everytown for Gun Safety and NewsCred’s own fund.

Why is this cause important to you?
My passion spreads across many causes. I have a couple of kids at home, so it boosts my concern for our planet, our education and our safety. I also am a news junkie, used to work at The Associated Press and I now run NewsCred Content Marketplace, our licensed content business which works with news publishers, so I can’t help but care about a free press.

What would you say to folks to encourage more giving?
It’s incredible what effect a recurring donation can have on a charity. $5/month might not seem like a lot to you, but it can make a huge difference for a non profit.



Shafqat Islam
Co-founder & CEO

What charity or charities do you support through our giving program?
In response to the Rohingya refugee crisis, we created the Rohingya Fund; NewsCred customers may remember the donations we made on their behalf last holiday season in lieu of a traditional gift. 

Why is this cause important to you?
The Rohingya crisis is happening at the border of Bangladesh and Myanmar. I am Bangladeshi, and NewsCred has a large presence in the capital city Dhaka.

But more than that, it’s a crisis that transcends borders or religions. Anytime a group of people are being systemically targeted and killed for their beliefs (this is ethnic cleansing), that’s an issue that affects all of us. It’s a crisis of humanity and society. And because Myanmar and Bangladesh are not in the news all the time, I think it hasn’t gotten the global attention that it would have if this was somewhere else. It’s affecting hundreds of thousands of people, so the scale is massive.

What would you say to folks to encourage more giving?
I think even cursory reading on this topic will make it clear that this is one of the most urgent crises facing the world today. The scale and devastation is unbelievable. One of our values is compassion, and this is a time we can show that we live our values inside and outside of work. You can learn more about the Rohingya crisis here.



Josh Kent
Director, Account Management

What charity or charities do you support through our giving program?
1. Nami
2. I Have a Dream Foundation
3. Polaris Project
4. Project CURE
5. Environmental Defense Fund
6. Innovations for Poverty Action
7. Charity: Water

Why is this cause important to you?
In general, I think giving back to people less fortunate than I am is extremely important, because there are so many causes in the world that need our help. It’s so easy to go about my day and get caught up in work and personal issues, but I need to remember how lucky I am and try to help people in need. I am only in the early stages of my charitable contributions, but I’d like to continue to do more in 2019. I’ve chosen 7 different charities so that I can try to spread my assistance. I’m happy to support The National Alliance on Mental Illness (Nami), as mental health and wellness is an area that hits close to home and needs a ton of awareness spread around it.

What would you say to folks to encourage more giving?
No amount is too little. Anything you are able to give can go a long way for someone in need. There are so many who don’t have access to basic things that we don’t give two thoughts about, such as clean and safe drinking water (Charity: Water). If you are able to contribute a little bit, that is significantly better than nothing.


Headshot cropped.jpeg

Jennifer Stenger
VP, Strategic Partnerships

What charity or charities do you support through our giving program
I selected the NewsCred Fund because it covers five different non-profits that are important to our company and culture and are inline with my personal values.

Why is this cause important to you?
1. National Immigration Law Center – Immigration has always been a part of our country and culture. Those who come to the US in search of a better life and are willing to work hard to achieve this deserve the same opportunities and rights as those who came before them. We are better when we continue to attract culturally diverse people and talent and ideas.

2. Americans for Responsible Solutions Foundation –  Gun violence is running rampant in our country. As parents, we should not have to fear our children being shot down at their schools. I live in CT and had a child right around the same age as the children of Sandy Hook Elementary school and my heart broke for those parents on that horrible day. The pain these incidences cause families is absolutely unimaginable. There are plenty of measures we can take to curb the violence without trampling on second amendment rights.

3. “I Have a Dream” Foundation – There is so much unlocked potential in children of low income families who are simply not afforded the same opportunities. The game of pursuing the “American Dream”  is rigged against them from the start. Any organization aimed at leveling the playing field and ensuring that all runners are starting from the same start line deserves support.

4. Committee to Protect Journalists, Inc. – Having worked for the Associated Press for 12 years, I have the utmost respect for journalists and a passion for supporting them. Every day at AP I walked past the wall of fame which held the names and faces of all AP staffers fallen in the line of duty. A democratic society depends on the free press to hold those in power accountable and to be safe in their relentless pursuit of the truth. They are heroes who deserve our respect and support.

5. Teach for Bangladesh – Before coming to work at NewsCred, I knew very little of Bangladesh, its culture or its people. While I haven’t yet had a chance to visit our office in Bangladesh, I am happy to support any initiative in the country — especially one focused on the education of children.

What would you say to folks to encourage more giving?
It’s so easy to set up a recurring donation and you won’t even miss it coming out of your paycheck. When you see the cumulative annual donation and how you’re helping, it’s impactful.

Cara Lemon is an agile coach at NewsCred and leads employee giving outreach.