2017 Marketing Predictions From NewsCred CEO Shafqat Islam

2017 Marketing Predictions From NewsCred CEO Shafqat Islam

by Alexa Biale

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It can be said, in many ways, that 2016 was a whirlwind year, full of surprises and unprecedented events. The marketing industry too had its fair share of ups and downs as content marketers continued to push the boundaries while fighting to prove ROI for their businesses. As we reflect on the learnings of this past year, we also look ahead to what is to come, and try to get ahead of the curve.

For the fifth year in a row, NewsCred’s CEO and Cofounder Shafqat Islam shared his top marketing predictions for the new year with Mashable. Here are a few highlights from his 2017 predictions:

1. Facebook and Google will continue to dominate while the rest of the industry will shrink.

The two tech giants have a stronghold in the digital advertising space, so much so that share of growth for everyone else is rapidly shrinking.

2. Brands will buy all of their own media and agencies will have to reinvent themselves.

Media buying in-house will continue to grow, especially on Facebook and Google, while agencies will need to adjust the business model to stay alive.

3. Marketers will no longer blindly trust third-party data.

Today’s marketers are under tremendous pressure to prove ROI, and this means getting access to reliable data from independent providers.

4. Personalization will mean more than just using your first name.

As consumers get smarter, quick personalization wins like using names in email blasts simply won’t cut it – real personalization means a real change in most marketing tactics.

5. The death of personas will bring journey mapping to life.

Even though “Champion Charlie” and “Trailblazer Ted” can provide some insight into the customer lifecycle, one-size-fits-all personas don’t tell the full story. Instead, brands will need to turn to their data to truly understand the behaviors of their target customers.

6. Brands will call it quits on the native advertising game.

While everyone seemed to jump on the native ad bandwagon a few years ago, the value of publishing content on a third-party site is minimal at best. Instead, brands will make a marked shift to publishing content on their owned sites.

7. Shrinking digital footprints will force marketers to rethink their engagement strategies.

If you thought millennials were tough to engage think again – Gen Z is even more social savvy, meaning that marketers need to work harder to gain the trust of younger audiences.

8. Marketers will no longer be duped by multi-device consumers; single customer profiles will rise.

Creating one cohesive experience across multiple screens will be key to cultivating consumer loyalty in 2017.

9. Live data will breathe life into the marketing mix.

Gone are the days of clicking the “export” button and waiting weeks to adjust your marketing strategy. Today, brands need to be able to react and adjust their marketing strategies in real-time, using the data at their fingertips.

10. Agencies will have to adapt to survive.

As previously mentioned, the business model for agencies will need to shift in the coming year – and beyond. To be successful, agencies will have to strike a balance between traditional creativity and emerging technology in order to come up with innovative ideas.


To learn more about each prediction, read the full article on Mashable.


This article was written by Alexa Biale, Brand Marketing Manager at NewsCred.