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18 Awesome Podcasts For Content Marketers

by Kylie Jane Wakefield

6 minute read

You read blogs, subscribe to newsletters, and follow accounts on social media that cover digital, content, and social media marketing. But you can’t always find time to read and podcasts are a great way to get your content marketing info in on the go.

We spoke to influencers in marketing and found the best podcasts that you should tune in to for insights about the industry.

Here are the top 18 podcasts that you can listen to online or subscribe to through Stitcher or iTunes.

1. Marketing Smarts

Marketing speaker and bestselling author Andrew Davis recommended Marketing Smarts, a podcast presented by MarketingProfs. Each episode is 30 minutes long and features interviews with different marketers. “I’ve been listening to Marketing Smarts for a long time,” said Davis. “I love the show and think Kerry (the host) does a fantastic job selecting interesting guests and asking probing questions.”

2. Content Inc. with Joe Pulizzi

Twice a week, the Founder of the Content Marketing Institute Joe Pulizzi releases Content Inc., a five to 10 minute podcast that includes a content marketing tips for business owners. Recent episodes are about building your own content platforms and not relying on Google and Facebook, as well as steps for getting recognized as a content expert.

3. The Marketing Companion 

Mark Schaefer, of Schaefer Marketing Solutions, runs The Marketing Companion podcast with Tom Webster, vice president at Edison Research. Schaefer said that his show, which is around 30 minutes long and covers digital and social media marketing, is “the most entertaining business podcast on the web.”

4. The Craft of Marketing with Seth Price

Seth Price, a motivational marketing speaker and content marketer, hosts The Craft of Marketing, a podcast that profiles different entrepreneurs and professionals. On the show, he goes through a business process, step by step, with his interviewees. Davis said he likes the podcast because Price is “a great interviewer and I always learn a lot from the guests on his show.”

5. Exponent.FM

Exponent.FM is not a marketing podcast, but it does cover one topic that marketers should keep up with: Technology. The show explores tech and its effects on society, and recent episodes cover the Apple Watch, why Twitter needs new leadership, and the change in the Facebook feed algorithm. Content marketing strategist Robert Rose said that Exponent.FM, “is probably my favorite podcast at the moment. [It’s] just a super smart show about business strategy and the tech that’s around it. These are my favorite things, and these guys just cover it in an awesome and entertaining way.”

6. The Pivot with Todd Wheatland

Ardath Albee, CEO of Marketing Interactions, enjoys listening to The Pivot with Todd Wheatland, a podcast on the Content Marketing Institute network. Each week, Wheatland sits down for a casual chat with the top marketers and learns about their backstories. Guests that have been on lately include Lee Odden from TopRank Online Marketing and Brian Carter from the Carter Group. “[Wheatland] finds out interesting things about the marketers he interviews,” Albee said.

7. Learning with Leslie

Every week on Learning with Leslie, Leslie Samuel, who created BecomeABlogger.com, releases a 30-minute podcast exclusively on the topic of blogging. Every show is a tutorial, and recent topics are about protecting your WordPress blog from hackers, finding awesome photos for your blog posts, and using online video to market your blog.

8. This Old Marketing 

Pulizzi and Rose host This Old Marketing, a weekly podcast that features three or four current marketing stories, rants and raves about the marketing industry, and a content marketing example that inspires them. “I like the format they have of discussing current news items and doing rants and raves about marketing efforts,” said Albee. “They’re fun to listen to and it keeps me on top of what’s going on in the content marketing industry.”

9. Superheroes of Marketing

Alisa Meredith and Kelly Kranz, marketers at inbound marketing agency OverGo Studio, host the Superheroes of Marketing podcast. Each show, which includes a guest, is about how small businesses can improve their strategy. In one episode, they spoke with Neil Patel about writing for humans without sacrificing SEO, and in another, they discussed shifting your focus to success with Social Media Examiner blogger Wade Harman.

10. A Slice a Day 

Mark Tennant, a creative and content marketing consultant with Edwards Communications, runs A Slice a Day, a podcast devoted to content marketing. He talks with guests about blogging as a business model and the content marketing ecosystem. “A Slice a Day with Mark Tennant often covers great topics on marketing,” said Albee.

11. Claim Your Fame 

Davis hosts his own podcast, Claim Your Fame, which is on the Content Marketing Institute’s network. Each 30-minute episode is comprised of a guest marketer who shares his or her tips for success. Then, Davis lets listeners know how they can apply the marketers’ strategies to their own businesses.

12. The Duct Tape Marketing Podcast 

John Jantsch, founder of Duct Tape Marketing, runs The Duct Tape Marketing Podcast. He brings on guests who talk about topics like the importance of local search, why buyers trust content, how to spot trends, and finding your breakthrough idea for a business.

13. Mad Marketing 

Marcus Sheridan of TheSalesLion.com answers questions he’s asked about marketing on his podcast, Mad Marketing. Every week, he shares his thoughts on content marketing, business principles, and the impacts of mobile.

14. The Marketing Book

Schaefer recommended The Marketing Book, a podcast produced by Artillery Marketing. The show features interviews with authors and news about what’s going on in marketing. Recent guests include Jeffrey Rohrs, who wrote “Audience: Marketing In The Age of Subscribers, Fans & Followers,” and Tim Matthews, author of “The Professional Marketer: Everything You Need To Know But Were Never Taught.”

15. Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner

Michael Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner, hosts Social Media Marketing, a podcast that delves into succeeding on Twitter, building a following that matters, and how to think differently and predict the future. He interviews influencers and shows how brands can build themselves up through digital and social media marketing.

16. Rough Draft

Albee listens to podcasts on the Rainmaker.FM network, which is owned by Copyblogger Media. Her favorite one on there is Rough Draft, she said, because she “can glean insights in less than five minutes.” On the program, which is posted four days a week, host Damien Farnworth gives his listeners tips for writing online. In a few recent episodes, he touched upon a copywriting formula that he loves and rapidly building an audience through content syndication.

17. The #AskGaryVee Show

On his podcast, The #AskGaryVee Show, entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk answers listeners’ questions on social media, entrepreneurship, and marketing. He takes on a few business and marketing topics per show, and isn’t afraid to get real. Recent episodes are titled, “Nintendo’s NX, Landing Pages, & Sh*tty Social Media Experts” and “You’re Out of Business.”

18. The Lede  

Also a Rainmaker.FM podcast, The Lede, hosted by Farnworth and Jerod Morris, focuses on copywriting, email marketing, conversion optimization, and content marketing. Their episodes go into ideas like adaptive content, content shock, and how to grow an audience on Medium.

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